Good morning

Morning everyone.

Anyone else stuck at work today?

Morning Paul.

Morning George.

Morning Will.

Good Morning. Yep, stuck at work today and tomorrow (although have allowed 1 hours play time with bike at lunchtime!). :smiley:

Yep, me too. Was in Xmas Eve as well. Not really a problem, it’s really quiet in the office and on the roads, I had a very quick trip in from Chelmsford this morning! :wink:

morning all and nope not working :slight_smile:

Yup at work yesterday,today and tomorrow then not back till New Years day for some double time:D
Very mild out there at the mo!!

Morning all.

Morning Sony,

Morning Paul

am at work but as is really quiet am leaving in 5 mins :w00t:

Good afternoon all.

evening all

yup stuck at work until late! :frowning: