Good Morning....

Well I am still awake and not gone to bed yet, sitting here with the birds singing. So I thought I would say good morning to you all. Here’s hoping for fine weather today. Please say no rain. LOL

Morning Nicky and all

Ive been awake most of the night as i ate something yesterday which didint agree with me and i`ve been off and on the toilet more times over night than a whores knickers have been up and down in a month.

Morning. ok this answer my question in the pm sent. Make sure you have plenty of loo roll… You don’t wanna run out. lol

morning all hows things people

me and the toilet are best of friends now.

Morning all.Been out since 7am,already clocked up 90 miles around sunny(eventually) Essex,roads now dried out.Barely a soul out there.Just about to watch World Superstock from Brno and then off to the Ace for a tea,lovely!!

more info than needed thanks, I think it was the dodgy food you ate on friday night

yeah i know i found a pic of you and the toilet being best of friends



morning all, just, think i drank too much last night…