good morning !!!

have a great one today!!!
im in a good mood as its one day till my birthday!!! and one year closer to my pention!!! lol

keep safe out there!!! xx

Morning Gina my angel of Luton.

Have a good day and don`t work to hard.

theres no chance of that!! its so boring at work!!! half the kids have finished the course!!! so theres only a handfull!!!

i need a holiday!!!xxxxx

Good morning from Dubai (business lounge of Dubai airport more like)
I will be on my way to Beijing in some 2 hours so have fun (under the rain if my weather widget is correct)
No biking for 9 days… I am not happy

I know that you like them young but now you are pushing… And just hand full shouldn t be a problem… Or you are all lying and size does really matters???

Morning all, what’s with this sunshine? I’m off to work before it comes to its senses and tips down again. Take care out there, all.

Good morning everyone, still no bike hopefully the parts will come today.

Really nice outside

T’was a beautiful ride in this morning

Morning all … and morning again to the guy I saw at the lights on the A13 before I turned on to The Highway on a blue SV650 S I think You’re the first lber I’ve stopped next to ! Looks like we both just missed the rain


Morning all and…’ Here comes the rain ’ again doh!

Have a good one y’al

Morning everyone, i got caught by some rain this morning but luckily only as i got to work

by the way gridgirl - my guess is that was bigsv that you met on the way in this morning.

morning all, not good ride home last night. bit of road rage someone tried to push me of the bike at a set of lights on purpose.

Drizzling here in Loughton Drei

Morning all

Mornin all yes great ride in to work this morning had lots of fun with 5 other bikers on the M25

Started to rain now tho

Why would they do that ?

Morning All

morning all.hope ya keeping well…alright twinkle toes…

Morning all, just going to bed after a night shift, was lovely riding home but the showers have started. at least I’ll be in bed until they finish I hope

Morning all…was a glorious moring in Sunny Stockwell until the misses had to leave for work and then I had some guy clean my bike for me…the heavens opened…<sings Raindrops keep falling on my head>…

Have a good day all

Morning all

morning yall

yeah that was me u saw, if that was u one the black curvy sv?