Good morning

Good morning everyone, rode in today and it’s not to bad down here the westside and surprisingly it’s not that cold either

Everyone who is riding today just be careful.

Good morning

Ill be going to work today but im getting a lift in as my road is icy and to get to the main road i have to go down a steep hill. So i`ll meet my mate at the bottom of the hill.

good morning everyone!! im off today but still got school run to do (pants) but thenits home and claen time

it looks well slippy out there so please be extra carefull and watch out for the black stuff lurking underneath!!!.xx morning lady ann and lady debs!!!xxxx

Gina, what school run, my kids school rang up last night saying no school today and it`s half term next week.

Morning all, just got to work in 10 minutes less than usual, not many bikes or cars about. Main roads are no worse than they have been for the past few weeks, damp, mucky and a bit slippy if you do anything stupid. Side roads where the snow has been driven over and not cleared are a bit lethal! Take care out there!

Morning all - Morning Lady Gina

really misty over this way and still plenty of snow freezing onto the ground - such joy

Another day of Grimbusa driving sideways in the car

my lot were back in today!! i thought it weird to but they have gone!! yipeyyyy

Mornin all