Good Morning!

Hope y’all have a nice and easy monday

Ditto! morning all

Hoping for a smooth day here too

Morning all

its a goooood morning for me cos im off today!!!, but if your not, have a good day anyhoos!

morning all.xx

Morning !!

Looks as Ruff and Bluto,s beard out there !!

wet and windy - but fun riding!

Good morning!..

My bike is now completely repaired, spent the whole weekend fixing it, but its just too cold for me to go riding (temp = 2 degrees).

L, P, W & H

dry and worm love my Rukka morning all

What was wrong with it ?

i had a little spill, too fast round a bend, all the electrics were ****ed. did a little new wiring, and replaced the panels, and now its looking like new! thank god for R&Gs, hardly any damage. managed to start the bike after 20 times trying to jump start it.

Spill where ?..Road or Track ?

on road, but i only touched the gravel for about a meter, then it went onto a grass field.

I spose you laid there in the field and smoked some of it for a bit didnt ya ?

When ya back in Town ?

PM Sent.