Good Morning

So who’s going to cubana tonight

weather is supposed to lovely!!

Mornin AJ and all at LB,

Yep I’m in…and I have remembered that DVD too!

See ya later all.

ha ha ha

is it that DVD???

Will pop by tonight but not for long … early start in the morning for me

Don’t start that again…I’m just grinning thinking about the last time!


and u think by saying “I’m just grinning thinking about the last time!” no comments are gonna be forthcoming…

yeah right!

No comment

Good morning Trojan

Morning all at LB

Ill be there…rode into work especially!

Morning folks

Good morning all

Can’t make it tonight , I’m working as usual

anyone want some fish and chips


Morning lovely people!

have a good day y’all

Morning guys and girls im going too

Good morning guys and gals, will not be there tonight.

Good Morning, will try & get there if i can! Ian i might pop in for some chippies on the way

morning all. no cubana for me tonight, I need to dress up in a penguin suit and drink some free Rum.

In other news, I had to walk to work this morning.

Hmm, fish and chips…what time are you open till Ian may drop in on my way home afterwards.

Get me some …

I’d love to but re-building my track bike tonight. I was going to get it on the road for tonight too but the mesh hasn’t turned up for my bodywork

New leathers have but they need ajusting, the protection in the hips and oversized leather in that area makes me look like I got hips that a full term foetus would just drop out of!!!

Open till 10pm