Good morning Wednesday

Morning all!

Weather forecast says patchy rain this morning, so that’s going to be fun. Waterproofs on, everyone…

(No big bike yesterday but did get to Rykas, GS500 today, can’t wait.)


Morning all! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it CM.
Have a good day all


Morning LB’s, well done CM enjoy the day !

morning everyone…

what i would not have done for an extra couple of hours sleep today!!! its still too dark, when i get up in the morning…

Morning all.

It was dry enough for me at 07.00…

…but I feel it may pee down later,

No rain for me either - I bet it’s all biding its time for Cubana…

Morning All.


Goooooood Moooornin’

No rain for me this morning blasting up the M40 to " sunny Coventry " just a lot of knobs with fog lights on !!!

Mornin all LB’ers, its almost midweek yippeeee!!

good morning all , damp here but no rain YET


… morning all was up at 4.30am, not my idea of getting up for work,waswn’t raining when I left, but i feel that it will when I get back so the rainmac…

Mornin’ all

Normally up ar 5:15 for start at work at 07:00, but slept thru alarm D’OH!!! Woke up at 6:45!!! Walked into work at 7:50!!! OOOPPSS

Luckily still managed to get in my usual bay, had to shuffle a few bikes around tho’

Have good day guys

Good Morninh All. Have a good day one and all

Morning all, made it in, in one piece always a good start I guess…

I think from now on all “good morning” posts should have a word of the day I will start so todays word of the day


loving these good morning posts :slight_smile:

It was a bit foggy in St Albans this morning - but dry enough for me to slap in new brake pads on the CBF :slight_smile:


Good morning all hope you all have a fab day X

mornin all out of hospital sore as 8uck alive and kickin (just)