Good morning riders

morning peeps…hows everything going with you lot on here then?

good morning steph…nice to see someone up bright and early…

yeah to bloody early mornin

Hi all. Nice blue sky!

Mornin Stephanie…well thanks…but in work how good can it be…looking forward to me ride home this evening though and there is the bank hols this weekend!

if you are what you eat then my name must be dick.

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Gee… it was getting interesting there…

tell me more!!


Anyway, good morning. I’m a late riser sorry… hehe

nothing wrong with late risers…long as you stay up.

This is just getting silly now

and not go back to bed …what is wrong with some people and their double entendre`s.

Dunno, last time I posted a double entrendre I immediately whipped it out.

Good evening LB