Good Morning Peeps

Thought I’d better raise my head above the parapet and make a post rather than just lurking!

Just a note to say hi to everyone I met at Cubana last night, I was on the black XTX, thanks to all for being friendly and taking time to speak to me.

I’ll see you all again soon.

I may have left before you got there mate (work commitments) but what the hell, Im bound to see ya on our next Jolly Up so welcome to LB from Me !

Good morning, Skeeter and welcome to LB. I’m the token scooterist, but last night I was there on my fun bike: the brand spanking new red Monster.

Ah yes, I saw the Monster and very nice it looked too. It must be new as I saw you peeling stickers off the tank.

Hey Skeeter, welcome to LB! Nice to meet you last night. I was admiring your XT as well, looks great!

hey there,

And welcome to LB


Welcome to LB mate. I had too much to do last night so missed the meet, hopefully see you next week.

Hello there skeeter, welcome to LB. Didn`t get to chat to you at the Cubana but maybe next time.

Hello skeeter and welcome… I too have the Xt but mine is the R… Hopefully see you at Waterloo some day soon now the weather is improving…

Hello mate! Welcome

Hi and welcome, see you at the Cubana next week

Welcome to LB Mate

Skeeter welcome to LB mate…