Good morning one and all

Morning all. well its finally sunny yey. Have a good day peeps :smiley:

It’s sunny and I am moment’s away from jumping on the bike!

Woooooo Hoooooo! :smiley:

Morning all, it’s grey over here (that’s just north of LHR) and I have been in in work for an hour now. At least I get to finish early today.

(didn’t say at work for a reason;) )

Morning all, hooning through the streets of London at 5.30am is huge fun, especially as the roads were dry and no one was there! Excellent! I’ll be nipping out early this afternoon as well, just hoping the rain holds off till I am back home!

Morning all, can’t wait to get out of here today for a long weekend, roll on 2pm :w00t::smiley:

Think of me when you leave at 2pm.

I’ll just be going in to a 3 hour training session on something I have no interest in; Credit Default Swaps, Interest Rates Swaps, Futures, Currency Forwards and Options. How dull:crying:

Have a good weekend all. Enjoy the MotoGp and British Superbikes:)

I havnt slept yet :smiley:

Nice traffic free ride to work in sunny Bucks this morning, but bound to be wet by 5.30 for the journey home.

Good morning people!

YAY its friday - and as Michael gray once sang “I can’t for the weekend to begin!”

Have a good day

Love ya lots!


Morning " tout le monde " - lovely day out there ( sadly in the car as the fuel is free :wink: )

Whats happening this weekend - anybody hitting the Ace tonight ( and staying rather than meeting for the speedway ) ???

Could be persuaded to pop up for a bit :wink:

off to Liverpool this weekend :smiley:
the only buggeration is i’ll be stuck in a cage all the time and have to listen to my Evertonian mate slag us off for losing to the ruskys :doze:

Morning peeps! Wow, it’s beautiful outside :slight_smile:

morning! yes its beautiful out and im still bikeless :frowning: :frowning:

whats wrong with it? after Brands hangover?

Morning All! Coffee and Biccie time:), Speedway Tonight! Great Yarmouth on the bike tomorrow to see my son :slight_smile:

yeah she didnt want to start after brands! maybe she needs a long rest after a good thrashing! the starter motor has packed in but getting it looked at so fingers crossed

I’ll try and think of you stuck in your very interesting sounding traning sessions!!! I tend to nod off sometimes in meetings, those one’s sound like prime napping time to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you get her sorted soon, I haven’t tried to start mine since Brands, fingers crossed she’ll start tonight!!



good morning everyone… yay its friday and its the 1st friday of the month which means ace might b full(ish) tonight, hopefully c u down there, x