Good morning one and all...

Morning folks,

Beautiful day today beautiful night tonight

So see you tonight at the ace/chelsea…

and I am even bringing the hornet out to play tonight…

good morning to u abbey yes lovely out side good day to clean the bike r u going tomorrow night

Morning all. Not out to play tonight as I have way too much to do. Hope you all enjoy yourselves.

But there is one thing to be said - ‘Thank Crunchie its Friday’…

oh yeah cant wait for Bognor…

Morning all,

I shall be at the ace tonight!


Greetings one and all!

where u at cubana this wednesday abbey

Morning All, must admit the last thing I want to do is get on my bike. Hangover and thumpers do not mix!

Mornin all

Cheers Weaver, always know I can rely on your for a bit of sympathy.Lol

oooh am i so forgettable mate???

yeah and we even had a chat about the fact that you had met up with blade and trisckie at the ace last week…

Morning Kim… Yes Another beautiful day… Ahhhh the sun is out and it’s hot… The best!

Heya Foxy

Missed you at Cubanas on wed…

Hows your baby doing?

She kept that one quiet! Foxy has a baby?