Good Morning LB

A very Good Morning one and all…

I have watched the dawn break and its looking good out there so I cant wait to get these last two hours out of the way (work) and get out for an early morning blast !

Tuesday and that means Podcast !!..cant wait …

Come about 8am I,ll be tucked up and away with the fairys not to surface until late this afternoon so wishing you all a safe and happy day…this is Barro signing " orf " mate !!!

I am still poxy working… thats the problem when you are emergency call out you just dont know when you will be fineshed.

I too will be tucked up for most of the day and not able to marvel at this glorious day.

Have fun everyone and be safe in the knowledge that I am working to make sure that this world wide web that we all use is being fixed by my good self for your enjoyment.

Well I am tucked up at my desk, also unable to enjoy the day, especially frustrating as i have just got a new Ninja 636 that needs breaking in!

Tall Paul

What you doin up the crack of Dawn?

Another beautiful day and…

I am stuck in the office… by the window - is that cruel or what???

and working late…

Been out for an early morning blast, 2 lane ascent of Bury Hill was empty @ 6.45am just had to be done now back and getting ready for work

Same here sat right by the window and the worst thing of all this building seems to have loads of dispatch riders deliver here so non stop all day all I can hear is race cans! aaaggghhhhhh not happy!

Well I’m off work until fri night so today I plan to be on bike all day, meeting mate for lunch then maybe off to Bassets Pole bike meet.

Looking forward to Cubana tomorrow too Hope to get new tyres fitted just before i go too!

I will mainly be working on my balcony today

Envy is a terrible thing

Mmmmmm, the Hill and empty. I feel the itch for an early run coming on. Will have to wait until next week now, way to busy this one and racing at the weekend.

Nice run into work though, suffering with Hayfever eyes now. Looking out of the window at a gorgeous day. Late finish as well, its podcast night!

Bah… I’m in La France next week

The Elephant and Castle was a delight this morning. All those happy people in their cars stuck in traffic, bless!!!

I had a quick run in and now sat at my desk. My black visor came in rather handy this morning!

Hope to see everyone at Cubana tomorrow.

Lucky most of you ride your bikes to work and dont take the tube… Barros been so busy posting all morning he forgot what hes supposed to be doing…

Ooops just crawled out of bed…

I hate you! Git! Git! Git! Git! Git!

well i never thought it possible, to feel like your actually dying of boredom!

spents hrs looking for new job too