Good Morning all...........


Bit wet and windy out.

Think i’ll take the car.


Not going to enjoy today`s ride to work.

Morning. Got to work and even didn’t get killed on the way :smiley: Mission Successful:cool:

I had an ‘interesting’ run up the A2 this morning, it appears that my visor is badly adjusted, 'cause it leaks, and I had water on the inside of the visor… oh and I had to offer some words of advice to a cabbie in New Cross who tried to knock me off:)

NEVER know what’s worse.

Leaving the bike and getting on a hot cramped train with someone’s crutch up against my ear or just braving the elements…


Just about to leave - There is stuff all over the road outside, there a re trees down in nearby streets - and it appears to be getting worse - no bike today I think.

Good morning all, please be careful out in the wild today.

Seems people are not paying attention to what they should be doing (pondering over the weather) and rushing to stay out of the wind, rain and cold weather (even though they are comfortably inside their sarcophagus), instead of concentrating on their driving skills.

Be safe if your out and about!

that vid of yours with the impropmtu endo is mesmerising…

Morning people, no work for me today :slight_smile:

mornignall…wills lucky you today, its damn awful out there. I have a big weather problem today…problems with links to afghanistan and iraq…go away wind and rain come back another day preferably on different days…

Morning All! Great ride in this morning:unsure: VERY naughty out there. mind you I was the only dry one that turned up today:D Ride Safe

Morning all, it’s horrible out there, was so tempted to stay in bed but I braved the trains and here I am at work :frowning:

Stay safe everyone :smiley:

Made it just about, set of at 7am and got to work 35 mins later, so bloody wet it was unreal, even with waterproofs on the wind seemed to push water in.

Morning all:D

Why do people have fecking mahoosive trampolines???Woman over the back of us has one …never gets used just sits in the corner of her garden and every time we have strong winds it ends up causing damage by landing in my garden…Well this time its landed in next doors pond with a HUGE rip init lol…i’m so glad;)

Fun this morning, wasn’t it? The A12 was rather damp in parts. Still, made it to work right side up, a couple of unintentional lane changes (one on London Bridge!) but otherwise not too bad. Alpinestars Gore-Tex boots are the mutts nuts. :slight_smile:


Luckily the bad weather coincided with a bad back day - no bike today :frowning: or for the rest of the week as work are sending me on a three day course and have given me a car for the duration!! what an insult!!! :smiley:


typical! weather at home was proper crap, wind and heavy rain, so i decided to be sensible and get teh bus, get sto islington…and…its blue sky and sunny!! aarrrghh!!

the weather was fine when i went to bed at 2am and just got up and the sun is shinning so all good here.

Same here Wills :slight_smile:

no storm here either nice n sunny heatwave :D:D