good morning all!!!!!

hidehi lbrs!!!have a good and safe one out there!!!
roll on tonight!!!

see u all at the market!!!

morning girly gang!!! and jp!!

Good morning my dear mini Ruby wax. Going shopping with my parents and Julie is going to work and on a sunny day like today.

hi ya hunni!! can i come shopping to!!!
iv got washing and ironing to do !!!
my god i live such a fast and exsillerateing life!!! lol
then im geting my ruby gear on!!compleat with boots!!!

Morning Gina, don’t know if I’ll be back in time to get to Borough tonight… Got to take the dog to the vets which is in Leighton Buzzard, not local for me lol…Don’t ask.

that near me hun about 10 miles!!why there!!!i had to ask!!

Yer Ang i`m asking too.

I use the same vet as my mum for all her mutts (she lives up there), he’s great with my dog as she’s very nervous… He has a good bedside manner shall we say. lol

What he sleeps with the dogs to calm them dowm,that`s disgusting.

brilliant!!!lol!!! maybe he hypnotises(if thats how u spell it)them with his charm ect!!!

Morning all! Even after a nice long Easter weekend, I get another day off today!

me to im off till the 18th!!!

I go back to work on the 16th.

blooming part timers both of u.ive been not so happy trucker since sun.still roll on fri

I deserve my time off as i work blooming hard when i`m working.