good morning all!!

im up its early sunday morning and iv got to go andstand on a rugby pitch and freeze while my daugher runs around

i should be in bed still

i bet theres a few sore heads this morn!!!

hope the bday girls had a great night!!! sorry i couldont get there!!

Morning, had to read that twice as i thought you said Amsterdam, its prob me as i never knew there was 2 8.40s on a sunday

ok i will let u of as its sunday

Morning !!

Sore Head…Late for work !!

Wanna be at home !!

now did we all remember to put our clocks forward? i feel like ive already lost that hour!

well i have to go and play rugby aswell in london

but then we goin ace for kawasaki sunday

i want to go boohoobooboo hoooooo


So far been watching the 125s & 250s GP from the comfort of my beanbag sofa. Then onto the pub for some Rossi watching grrr

Sun is starting to come out so may have to go for a ride later.

i did mine yesterday so i wouldont forget!!! im a bit mixed up today i must admitt

mind you thats nothing new!!!

I was out on my bike at 8.15 am today and went on a rideout from Carneby St to the Shooting star hospise in Hampton, greta day, good weather and loads of bikes.