Good morning all

Good morning all

Hope you are all well this fine morning. Today i am great seeing myself and a few others beat others in a quiz last night.

Those loosers won`t live it down.

the losers didn’t cheat

Blimmin royal mail woke me up this mornring At least the sun is shining so leathers on and bike out for me.


Today I will mostly be doing usual household choares … looking for Elvis wig … and maybe a quick ride on the bike

And, most importantly… going to Debz birthday

good morning good morning its great !!! wat a lovely day it is

wat a great night we had to!! all i can say to the opposition is

we are the winners we are the winners

thanks johnp! ben6…! jools weeannie and me wat a great team

im so sorry that you outher lot didont win !!!

happy birthday debs & loopy have a great one

Morning all What a good night that was, even the kids were well behaved! Thanks for making it an excellent night!

Anyway, im off to Sheffield shortly to see Dolly Parton, im so excited!!

…goes off singing…tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition…

Morning All

Well I have got my wig sorted - not sure the Boulevard Dining room is ready for it but hey ho

See you later Ginger Pixie - I feel the need for a nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot coming on

Dolly Parton I may be getting old but …

saw this!!!winners.gif the ruby waxers!!!

By the way it was nice meeting you all last night at the Ace and Frith… when I eventually got there

Thanks to Terry I think I have found the BEST kebab around I don’t think swill enjoyed himself too much after being turned down by a trannie or was that Tug…

Looking forward to next Friday

But tonight… let the champagne flow

Royal Mail work me up as well! Delivery from R&G for our comp winner!

Mmmm, just finishing my porridge, then I’ve got to do the hoovering, some cleaning and then on with LB work!

iv got that cleaning thing as well it stinks!!! then i start all over again with dinners.poohie

Tug will pull anything if he`s given the chance.

Oiii Debz, I saw that

Happy Birthday btw, hope you had a good night!!