Good morning all...

hi all,

dare we hope that summer is starting???

Not if the temperature on my ride in this morning is anything to go by.

I swear there was frost on the ground when I came past Upper Norwood recreation ground at 06:30.

Hope it holds out for the day, I’m off to watch my crazy loon of a Nan do a skydive for charity (shes 78!!!) then maybe even get out for a blast, I swear theres theres cobwebs that need blowing away on the bike!

Hows the Hornet hun?

Certainly felt chilly this morning coming down the A13. Not much traffic though, why cant it always be like that. The sun is shining out there, I am stuck in the office and not able to make the most of it. Grrrrrrrrrr.


Hey abbey! Good morning! It was great to see you last night! and all the others as well

it certainly was a bit fresh, i went to get a oil and filter change, plus get my dodgy brakes looked at!! is anyone going to the cubana tonight?

I have a feeling that the attendance should be quite hight tonight, a bit of decent weather should get a fair few out and about.

is the parking tight? or should i get there earlier? its my first cubana meet!

I will be going and a few of the guys from the CBRforum may be coming as well - thank you Invisible Dog.

And yes, last night was really good - hope things work out Cezar but that sounded well complicated…

LMRR - I LOVE MY BIKES>>>>>>>> the hornet amazes me everytime i go out on her… she is so different from the 125… but the 125 loves those corners… I will say it again as last time no one heard me HONDAS ARE THE GREATEST

Westfazer - dont worry about it being your first visit…
i’ll be bringing the newbie stick with me

ah cool, im looking forward to it! it will be good to see who some of you are, and put a face to a name, i can be quite shy so you may have to forgive me if i look like to new boy in the corner! x

Having just forked out 200 odd quid yesterday for a new pair of summer bike boots it bloody well better be…

Westfazer too many corners - you are gonna have to stand in line for the stick poking like everyone else…

I should warn you guys - i am in an insanely good mood today… (I had my first cup of coffee in about two weeks…)

Am heading up to Cubana tonight from W12, It will be first my time on the bike so if anyone is going from round here, let me know if i can follow you up there

(By the way i have a 125cc)

So if its not a problem let me know…

i better wear my armoured suit then!! i dont take too kindley to being poked! x

Steady on there!

Hi Scarer, where were u on Sunday? Can u make ace this week? ie Friday night with me Andrea,and Kim, maybe Tricksie? i couldnt make cubana tonight, well i coulda…but i dont know how to get there and oh well…Kim had left and didnt know till later that Tricksie was making her way down there…as i said oh well…there will be better and warmer nights…!