Good Morning All

Whats really really good this morning LB?

Not a great deal, I am off to help Steve moving homes and I am certainly not looking forward to that… but hey u gotta help a freind aintcha?

A friend in need…

yeah tell me about it, a friend in need is a #### indeed!!

What was good this morning was the early morning sun shine, but that has all but vanished. Off to go and get new air filter now, figured may as well change it while tank was off any way.

I’m off to work on a cash job (on the 675), then sorting the Renthals and Goldy-lookin-chain on the bike. Oh, and getting excited about going to the Ring on Monday.

So my day is all smiles

But I’m a lucky git.

top of the morning to you

good morning…

DA is that your little sis on the back of your bike in the new avatar…

Morning AJ shes a he, my lil bro (Da lil Artist)

I was thinking I have been on LB about a year and don’t think I have ever changed it so I did

very very cute… my lil bro aint as cute…

Good morning all! It’s a fabulously sunny morning here in Chelsea. I’ve got nothing special booked for today, I think.

“Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day,
I’ve got a wonderful feeling, Everything’s going my way…”

Have fun all of you!

What’s really good is; I’m alive, it’s sunny and my new brake pads have arrived I think, whoohoo!

Well…I’m indoors, babysitting.

But shortly i will have bike cleaner (at last- i remembered) then i shall clean the Blade (with a bucket - cheers hosepipe ban).

Then on Monday i am riding to Box Hill and meeting up with a couple of quick riders who want to get a bit quicker…

I’m doing a bit of a quick bikesafe type thing!!

hurry up Monday, can we skip Sunday?

im sat at home waiting on a fax! then i can go and pick up my new van where my yzf750r is gonna live in the warm instead of under its covers!

It’s a beautiful day and I’m looking forward to seeing my man and spending some quality time… MotoGP qualifying is also on Eurosport… He he he…