Good Mechanic in SW?

Hi guys!

I just joined the forum and got my bike yesterday. You can read all about it (not that it’s that long tbh :)) in the newbie section.
my baby is a 1993 cbr 600f. it is beautiful and well maintained…BUT the carburators need some urgent work (at least I think it’s the carburators).

I took her for a spin today and it went off something like 15 times. When it’s on at times it does the typical beautiful sound of a 4 cylinder engine, loud and clear, at times it would rattle (maybe the spark plugs too?) and sound more like a 3 or 2 cylinder…it was horrible especially cause I know the bike does not have major big time problems. and i was so happy to take her for my first ride :unsure:

anyway…I urgently need a good and especially trusted mechanic in SW of London (possibly around Putney) to fix all of this asap. do you guys have any suggestions?? Please let me know if you do. very appreciated!!

thanks guys,

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: I’ve just got back from LJ Motorcycles who fixed up my bike after going over some diesel on Wednesday. They’re based in Twickenham near St Mary’s University. They close at 12 on sats but are open from 8am Monday, they’re rates are pretty good and they fixed my bike very quickly!

Or if you think you can make it get along to oval motorcycle centre they are open till late
They are sw8

thanks guys!! I will check both out now and see which is closer. The bike is sort of ride-able…but it’s a hassle. it goes off every other traffic light.

I did go there and they were incredibly helpful! the only thing is that I didn’t know they want you to work on your bike…which I don’t have time and expertise to do :frowning:

BUT they suggested it might be old petrol (we put in new and it already goes better) and cleaning the carbs. at least that is an indication.

thanks a lot for suggestion!

an update for you guys…

  1. went to work with the bike and at 17:30 it wasn’t starting anymore (and was dripping fuel like a mother**) - tow truck brought it to a mechanic which came recommended in Putney
  2. well here we go with the list of problems:
  • it was suffocated because the airbox was sort of broken / not sealed properly, letting too much air in
  • air filter was old as hell
  • rubbers between the airbox and carburetors (especially one) was practically destroyed
  • fuel dripping because the fuel tap doesn’t work properly
  • didn’t start because of a relay
  • start motor has dust inside needs to be opened up and the brushes need to be cleaned
  • brake pads were installed poorly and the bike is ‘braked’ even if you are not braking

since this is already going to cost A LOT, we decided to also change the spark plugs (since it’s not clear how old are they are) and clean the carbs
Oil and oil filter are new and one can see it.

thought that this might be a possibility (spending money on a used bike to fix some things)…but tbh not so much. but hey it’s gonna be perfect after this!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hope to get it by middle/end of coming week…will keep you posted!

to be honest, when i buy a used bike brake pads, oil, filters and plugs are the first things to go anyway, often with the tires. especially because i like to be sure the bike brakes properly when it should! i’m funny that way :smiley:

you’re not spending money, thats just basic maintenance. apart from the start motor and the deteriorated rubber, which is particular to the fact that your bike has fitted those bits since 1993 i wont be surprised if they need changing.

Hi mate, Oval Motorcycle if you’re happy to do your own work on your bike with some help - the guys there are excellent. Otherwise can recommend CCK [Car Care Kensington] in Ladbroke Grove. Guy named Jim is a good person to speak to about your bike & they are an excellent garage - good quality work, not overpriced, fast. I used them all the time when I lived west London