Good Luck Team L.B.

Good luck to the that is running in the half marathon tomorow, which is a charrity event for the London Air Ambulance. Would love to be running with you but it aint ever gonna happen:D

They could do with some last minuite sponsership if anyone could oblige. Details in the stickey post and the top of the page.

Good man Jamie:) We’re carb-loading at the moment but will be posting pictures of a team member modelling the LAA team shirt very soon :smiley:

Good Luck team LB

I hope the sun shines down on you, your feet end up blister free, and no one voms at the finish line.

All the very best for everyone running tomorrow - and FFS, can someone please donate that last £42.39!

Good luck all and may the force be with you :smiley:

You will all be MARVELLOUS.

Love the pictures Chris - they are inspirational :stuck_out_tongue:

Carb loading completed, Avocado prawn cocktail x 2, Cottage pie x 1.5, Apple sponge toffee pudding and cream x 2, Merlot Tempranillo (bottles) x 1.5.
Should be good for a few miles.:smiley:

I had half a bottle of wine…lots of energy in alcohol!!
See you tomorrow morning

We should try to meet tomorrow…say just after 9am.
I have most of your numbers
Anyone who doesnt think I have their number, can you PM me so we can arrange to meet up and have a team photo either before or after the event.


Good luck to you all! :smiley:

Last person past the finishing line has to streak in front of the Ace Cafe on a Friday night :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m awake. So much for an extra hour in bed.

I haven’t picked up my race number yet, will go get it all soon(ish), will pm my mobile number for photoshoot. :slight_smile:

Just a tip guys, if you want lots of support on the course, write your name under your race number. People tend to shout for you then.

Good luck and have fun with it today.

Just added a fiver someone handed me at work…

We need £18 to hit our target.

Give us your money :slight_smile:

big up the LB runners! well done… hope the day isn’t too cold and wet althought that can make easier running conditions than a hot summers day… GOOD LUCK

Good luck you guys. I would’ve come down but we’re going away this morning, I hope the weather holds out for you as it’s dry at the mo :smiley:

Good luck Team LB,

Chris hope all your carb loading gets you passed the finish line! :smiley:

Good luck you lot… Chris try to stay close to Anita just in case her skills are needed :smiley:

Just donated! Good luck team LB! I’ll be between marker 11 & 12 :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone , muchos respect to you all !!

FYI, another £8 needed…

Go LB! I will be with you all in spirit…:smiley: