Good luck Paivi

Good luck for tomorrow, you could soon be joining the ranks of PAYE.

Good luck from me as well.

Go girl !! digits crossed.

Good luck P.


good luck paivi - go girl go…

Good luck!

Aaaw, thanks Tommy et al. (Who’s al, and why does he write his name with a small ‘a’?)

Good thing I opened this thread after my current boss left for the day… Temping at the moment, but hoping to get a permanent job, and have the second interview tomorrow night (first one already in October!). Sooo want this job, as it’s a fantastic opportunity both in the short and in the long term.

How annoying is this:

The whole interview process at Deutsche started 16 October when a line manager interviewed me for a very nice position indeed, being the assistant manager of cash equities product control. He hadn’t advertised it yet, just spoke to a headhunter who said he’s got just the right person. So, Philip saw me and decided he wanted me for the role, but didn’t have a sign off yet. But, he stopped looking.

During the past four months, he’s been in regular contact with the headhunter, asking if I’m still interested and available. Finally, he’s now got the sign-off (after xmas, paternity hols and restructuring got in the way), and so on Tuesday night I had, what the headhunter and myself thought, the second interview, with the director of the area, Rick. Philip no longer ‘needed to see me’, to save my time and had given a glowing reference to Rick.

So, I rock up on Tuesday night full of confidence, thinking that as long as I don’t screw up, I’ll get the job. Still, spent long nights after work re-reading on equities, convertible bonds and equity derivatives, including how to calculate the greeks and how to draw the various pay-off graphs (in case anybody wants to know, Greg’s your man, although he’s in Kansas!). At the interview, Rick asked me what my understanding of the role is, so I related the key points from the job spec I still had from the October interview. He then proceeded to hit me in the face with a wet fish (figuratively speaking) by saying that this role is ‘fundamentally different’. In fact, it was so different, it had absolutely nothing, nada, niente to do with the original role! ‘Would you be interested in getting out of a more product control role to something like this?’ kind of questions were tricky, as I didn’t know if this was another role they had and Rick wanted to see if he preferred me to this one, but if not, I’d still be OK for the original role. Not once during the interview did he say what the head hunter only learnt the next day, i.e., that in the intervening four months, the original role had ‘metamorphosised’ into this one!

And, not surprisingly, Rick thought it was a bit beyond me. Well, had I been told what it would be, I might have been able to be prepared and done some reading and recapping on what I did know. As it is, I didn’t get the job, but to be honest, I didn’t really like the sound of what the job had developed into anyway.

So, back to the drawing board, and continue to contract where I am, where I get a telling off if I’m 10 minutes late and then get my timesheets scrutinised! My boss will soon start timing my loo trips, I’m sure (if he isn’t already!). So want to get a permanent job so I can get the pension, the paid holidays, accident, death & medical insurance, etc, as well as the bonuses I keep hearing about!

At least, it seeems like the ideal time to be looking: just sent my CV to about ten jobs, and have another two on a site, but the letters go straight to the banks, so I have to write much more detailed letters than I do with agencies, who I have a good relationship already; helps when you’ve got a unique name!

Many thanks for your good luck wishes & PMs, hope to prove to be worthy of them shortly!

Yes, go there girl! You can do that

Sorry to hear about the job but maybe it is for the best that you didn’t get it. You never know what is actually going to turn up, the ideal job could be just one letter away.

Dont worry about going PAYE either, I have been contracting for years and it has not done me any harm.

Sorry to hear you didn’t get the job, sounds like ya didn’t really want it any way.

PAYE isn’t that great and you still get moane dat if late and the only benefit I get here is my pay, great huh.

so sorry to hear about this :frowning: