Do it Gina!

she should be on her test now! started at 3, how long does the test take normally???

Up to an hour depending on whether she makes any mistakes I think.

Fingers crossed.

Come on Gina where are you.

I can’t believe she is on it now. I know she will breeze this

come on Gina - the suspense is killing me, lol!!

My fingers and toes are aching from keepinmg them crossed

Just heard from Gina and unforunately she hasn’t passed this time!

It was the dreaded U-Turn

Chin up G, you’ll breeze it next time

Bad luck G, can never practice slow control enough, it is a skill that can only be bettered and achieved through practice.

Use ad’s bike

Yeah - you wern’t supposed to say anything till she told adam you twit!!!

But unfortunately tis true! But she is rebooked already!! for the 13th of july - ummmm gina thats a friday!!

Bollox, never mind … I failed 1st time on the u-turn too, at least you’ll know what to expect next time

Don’t worry Gina. You’ll do it on the 13th! Just keep practising those U-Turns til then.

Sorry babes. Only the best people pass second time - so I’ve heard

Bloody u-turns. Grrrrrrr.

Am fooked then… or maybe that’s why I nearly killed myself!

those blimmin u turns are horrible! Well done for re-booking straight away

Dont worry Gina, keep up the practise and you’ll be passed in no time.

Make it snappy hun, can’t wait to see you out on that mean machine of yours!!! (Not the Peugeot!!!)

sorry to hear bout ur test.

i passed second time round its no big deal.

all my good fingers are crossed 4 ya babes

Keep your Chin up and get in there. U-turns are a Bugger so now you what to expect. You go girl. You’ll do it. My fingers are crossed.

Well i was on the phone to her as i was typing it so she knew it was going up - donut

Oh Dear…

Neva Mind eh !!!

Give it another shot !!

Bad luck Gina… Now you’ve had a taster you’ll know what to expect next time so get practising.

Friday 13th is going to be a good day for you hunny.