Good luck on your test tomorrow hunni - I’m sure you’ll be fine. We have every confidence in ya

She better pass or she’ll be in the doghouse!!! besides, i think i’m gonna put a single seat unit on my gixxer!!!

good luck anyway babe, i know you’ll be alright on it!!

(is the test tomorrow or friday???)

Good Luck

thanks gang i just hope i dont let you all down!!! but i realy did enjoy it on the big bike!!
it was wicked!!!xxxx the test is tomorrow!!!
thanks ben hun!!

babe u will be in the dog house if u take my seat of my bike!!!

mind you i shouldont be needing it hopefuly!!!

I`ll be thinking of you hun.

good luck gina

good luck,fingers crossed.

good luck girl

Good Luck

Good luck Auntie Gina.

I’m so excited. I have all my fingers and toes crossed. I know you will have passed today.

Go Gina Go! Tell us you’ve passed. We want to know ASAP!

S xx

good luck… hope it goes well.

hell if i passed anyone can

Good luck G, we are all thinking of you now and will all be praying for you in a couple of hrs time.

ya dont need luck, youll pass with flying colours.

good luck gina fingers crossed x

C’mon! Spill the beans

Good Luck… I think I’m a bit late

Anyway, I’m sure everything will be fine!

Only just got here - am I too late, has Gina passed?, or is she still in midst of her examination?

Good luck or congratulations!!

The suspense is killing me

I text her at lunchtime to wish her luck…not heard anything back yet!

I know, I want to know NOW!

Has anyone spoken to her?
Come on… spill it