Good London solo rides?

Hi all,

Apologies if this is the wrong section but I couldn’t think of a better place to put it.

Looking for suggestions to go out on good solo rides in and around London- I am based in Acton, W3.
I am not able to go on a motorway as I have a provisional license.
I am looking for some good, longish rides (50 miles or so would be long for me at the moment, probably not for you people) that aren’t completely start/stop and aren’t just a long straight road.

What are some good rides to practice your biking on?

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

A40 onto the A413? To perhaps Aylesbury then find a route to Marlow and back on the A4. Or just head back on the A41

Sounds good.
I’ll off to do that right now. :wink:

One of the many advantages of living in London is that you can just go out and get lost on the back roads in the sticks, when you get bored/tired/cold/etc you’ll easily find a sign pointing you back to civilisation.

Something to be aware of at the moment though is that if the UK weather is as bad as reported (I’m in France), the more interesting roads sre likely to have a liberal amount of gravel and other friction defying substances washed onto them.

In London, I’d say forget about it.
Out of the M25, many interesting routes, no need to take the motorway.
Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey should do for you!

Here’s some help:

Within the M25


Exit a40 at swakelys roundabout onto the b467 heading towards Ickenham/Ruislip … then take Breakspear Rd South towards Harefield … continue to harefield either turn left at mini roundabout in harefield and follow that road straight this will lead you basically back to Swakelys…or turn Right at mini roundabout in Harefield this will take you towards Rickmansworth … Great little bimble roads for a short blast ( right turn is a bit more advanced due to road conditions and size )

Around northwood, Bushey

Even slightly outside m25 … Colnbrook ,Eton Windsor and that whole area is great … easy accessible via a30/a4 …

Down south Around Addlestone , Esher , Cobham .Oxshott some nice roads can be found

Around caterham and biggin hill, tatsfield are some nice little jaunts

Cheers Tim, I’ll check them out.

Nice post sounds good! Also newbie … (125 ) provisional rider here, looking for some good comfortable ride outs
in and aorund london. Nothing too fast paced and motorway free but free from stop starting around traffic lights!
Be nice to hook up with some other similar or experienced riders to go out with and also practice. Just posted in the
125 rideouts section… : )