Good job.

Saw the metalwork holding the bottom part of my femur together for the first time. Impressive work, very neat! Top bit is good as well lots of rods and nails. I got taken out by a ambulance car doing a U turn in November.



Ouch !!!

Hope that heals nicely and you get a decent payout.

The scrap metal might be worth a few bob too :cool:

Nice :smiley:

I was discharged from hospital about 10 days ago with broken collarbone and elbow. Had the cast changed yesterday and staples out, got some pics too :slight_smile:

It will recover stronger than before. When you get the all clear, skiing is a good way to get the swelling down and the leg back into shape.

I bet you didn’t appreciate the irony of that at the time :w00t:

Wow, that’s a lot of metal. I couldn’t help but think of a game of Kerplunk! when I saw the pic. Are you up and about and walking on it now?

I love a good metal work shot.

I’ve got 2 plates in my jaw and 2 in my nose, i love the xrays they look really cool. Lol

Only getting around with crutches at the moment. I still cannot put much weight onto the leg, 25 pounds max said the surgeon. Yes the irony of a ambulance car taking me out was not lost on me. The driver who did the U turn felt it was her duty to deal with me in the (proper) ambulance. She said are you allergic to anything? Collisions I said. The adrenaline must have been flowing!

Ouch and double ouch!

Anyway good to see you’re on the mend :slight_smile:

The top bit of my femur, I really am going to set off alarms at airports.



Wow, that’s some metal work! Best of luck with the recovery…

remind me to pay someone to punch you in the jaw. (just to see you standing there smiling while they hold their hand crying ;P)