Good gear - good guys

When I had my accident last year, I was wearing Teknic textile gear (trousers, jacket and gloves). My accident was quite dramatic, involving both myself and my ZX9R doing a triple somersault where the M1 and the A406 merge at Brent’s Cross.

Anyhow, due to the brilliance of Teknic gear (and Caberg Justissimo helmet) I walked away from this crash with no injuries or bruises, except for a dislocated collar bone due to landing on it. In case you need to know, I got “sixes” right across the board from most of the judges, but one of them deducted half a point for the landing.

Anyone, back to the plot. The Teknic gear did it’s job brilliantly. The jacket suffered a little bit of stitch tearing on the shoulder, but is otherwise still wearable. The trousers tore a bit, but the armour stayed in all the right places. The gloves were fine.

I e-mailed Teknic customer services about a week after the accident to commend the gear, but didn’t realise that this e-mail actually went to their US office. The nice people in the US forwarded the e-mail to the UK office, and I received a phone call to ask if I was OK. They then offered to replace the gear for £100. So for £100 I got a brand new jacket and trousers.

Big thumbs up to Teknic.

By the way, I replaced the Caberg Justissimo with … a Caberg Justissimo. Well, I’ve crash tested it, so I know it works!