good garages in SE london

Hey all,

Does anyone know any good garages to go to when you have bike problems?

My hyosung lost power the other day whilst travelling at some speed. Apparently its linked to fuel - but being new to bikes i have no idea. Just want someone to have a check as it could be a anything.

Had to wait about 10mins and then it started, but the throttle took some time to be responsive.

ta x

I live in SE London but I still go to SW London to go to a mechanic. If you don’t mind travelling the 10 or so miles, Russels Motors on Falcon Road in Clapham Junction are outstanding chaps and are used by a few LBers. 0207 2281714 :smiley:

I use D&H in Dartford, they worked on my CG125 & on my GSXR - whatever the problem is they’ll be able to solve it for you, not too far from you either. They are on East or West Hill (can never remember which)

D&H - 01322 293145

I’d offer to go down there with you on Sat but Im gonna be laid up in hospital having a camera put in my knee but could go down next week with you if its not urgent or maybe in the week if I can ride my bike :slight_smile:

i’ll give both a call! thanks very much!

ouch mark that sounds painful… i might take you up on the offer once you can walk again. what happened to ur knee?

No worries :slight_smile: Its just cartelidge damage from over the years of doing damage to it mountain biking and stuff - used to do a lot of off roading and loved coming off and going over massive jumps and not always landing on my bike :hehe: Nothing major though, Im planning on going to the pub Sat night to watch the rugby ha ha