Good Day!

To cut a long story short (see thread “Bad Day”), after Carole Nash had contradicted themselves a couple of times (and blatantly lied to me), I told them that I have evidence of a call made to them that they had previously said had not happened. Today they have admitted that I am right, and that they made a mistake (just one?). I am now waiting for them to call back with what they intend to do, to rectify this.

Nice one, hope all goes accordingly and works out for you!


well done fella id personnely ask them to backdate the cover up till now so your coverd for the producer and then take ya money and ya business elsewhere

fingers crossed

Ah, that’s just super.

Fingers crossed!

I hope you mentioned the word compensation to them.

Glad to hear it fridayman, hope things turn good for you mate…

Hey great news matey


There isn’t a need to back date the cover as the cover is already in place due the the agreement. Thats what CN’s liability insurance is for.

Good news and good LUCK!


Thanks all. I was quite worried about this. Still need to hear back from them about how they are going to rectify this.

I actually added the XT to my Gixxer policy on Tuesday (again…) because I noticed that my current certificate did not have times on it, The new certificate has now arrived starting on the date that I got the producer and doesn’t show what time the policy started, so I can take that to the police station.

Seeing as I have already paid for the cover, what other compensation do you guys think should I be asking for, for all the grief that they gave me, and implying that I am a liar?