Good By My Fine Stead

I will argue with anybody about this
You can’t beat a triumph triple on song

I Absolutley agree!

Oh wow, glad you’re ok Wise, its gutting when it happens though :crying:

And really, a car did this? What a shock, f*cking moron drivers :doze:

Heartbreaking :crying:

Now remind me what I told you last week lol

sorry to hear this.

and *steed

Stead the joys of an iPad & my glasses being at work

well well, looks like someone is going to get done for a hit and run! at least some justice. :angry:

Let’s hope they do
I won’t hold my breath tho as the as of late to save money the CPS have failed to prosecute a few the excuse being its not in the public interest

Sorry to hear about the bike, glad your ok

Glad you’re okay

I’m sure the the K7 will your cure your Triumph pangs in time.

Surprised though - thought the Triumph lasses (you know who you are) offered a kiss bruises service to fellow Triumph riders, according to Art, they’re good:D

Hey Wise, sorry to read abut this. Glad you’re ok. Did Mrs Wise’s colleague get the number of the hit and driver? If so, what’s happening?

Helmet cams everyone?

Mrs Wise Colleagues just so happen to have blue lights on top of there cars & they caught up with him about 1/4 mile down the road

its now in the hands of the insurance company

Oh perfect. I’d love to hear the full story on this. Surely the would have busted him for leaving the scene?

You would of thought, although not sure how this works. Guy near my house was showing off to his girlfriend in his new Porsche, when he lost control. Fish tailed down the road, mounted the curb and fiannaly came to a halt in someones front garden. Was next seen (by my wife) speeding off, histerically laughing with half the car hanging off or left behind. This happened outside of a row of shops/church/childrens nursery.

As far as we’re aware, he was not been done for leaving the scene of an accident. You would of thought that would be the first thing he’d be done for. :doze:

unfortunately its not down to the police to decide its down to the CPS & that’s down to money & not the usual excuse as its not in the public interest to prosecute

I should here something back very soon they did say a few days

Yep, CPS.

i’d start complaining about your constant back pain if i were you. :smiley: :wink:

to be honest im to busy & I don’t want to spend any time in hospital wasting there time just for a few extra shekels

I would like the driver to get some serious points ban & or fine & be paid out for the triumph a respectable ammount & whatever money it has cost me over and above my normal daily routine

im lucky I had another bike waiting in the wings to use & my company pays me traveling so train bike or car they don’t care

I hear you dude, I was only joking.

seriously though, I hope you had yourself checked properly and not been a hero like myself who walked away with a broken hand without knowing it. I was just worried the bike was ok :smiley: