Good By My Fine Stead

As She Was To This in one simple Moron


Is it mainly fairing damage? can it be repaired?

Track Bike maybe???

ouch what happened?

I can’t be bothered to take more photos
The fairing ,rad exhaust,clutch cover ,front and rear leavers, forks ,the loom has been cut,the rear faring, the subframe all gone up the shyte creek

There’s only so much filler halfords stock and to be honest there’s not a lot that’s not affected given it got around 85to 90k miles on it and it was due to be retired in March it not worth the hassle

oh no…:crying:

I got funnelled by a car last night coming off a roundabout

that sucks (I actually had that happen on my bike test)…

Did they stop?

Thats a sorry end mate. You in one piece?

Glad you’re OK Wise but very sorry to hear about the Daytona, you know how much we love them :frowning:

I’m fine mate but if your up for it I can find a few bruies for you to kiss better

Thanks for your email but you can guess I won’t be needing them now lol
And if you know any body that’s needs a plastic set I have a brand new pair pay postage

Bollocks, that sucks! Hope you’re OK? Weren’t you about to flog it anyway?

We do there is nothing better than a triple on full song
Looks like our bikes will have to meet in daytona heaven one day

Funny enough they didn’t but unlucky for them a few cars back was a few of Mrs Wises colleagues and they was only to obliging to practice there pursuit training

I sold it to someone at work was due to swap over to the k7 in March
I txt him this morning his is gutted

Oh dear, my sympathies :frowning:

So, what are you getting insteed? :wink:

Bloody bad luck !

It’s a pisser when you look after and nurture a bike only to have it shat on by a moron!

Poor Daytona :frowning: will you replace her with another one?

I have a k7 1000 already I brought it back in October from a fellow member and its sat in my mates garage since
It’s going to get new tyres on Saturday morning and ready for battle to commence

I would dearly love another but alas it’s not fair on them as my commute is daily and around 53miles each way
And as good as they are daytonas deserve better treatment than being used as a commuter hack

aww, thats a shame, well if its a bike you enjoy maybe in time. One of the bikes i REALLY regret selling was my 02 955i speed triple, she had done 52000 miles when i sold her, bloody good tool :frowning: