Good bar, central london (soho-ish)

Any recommendations for a good bar in London around Soho or Oxford street that are a bit quirky? (this is for tonight)

You need to define quirky a bit more… :slight_smile:

Price range?

I’ve always liked Ronnie Scots for a few quiet drinks…

Just a bit different, I used to go to Garlic and shots quite a bit but I’m bored of that place. It’s only really novel if you’re drinking the garlic vodka shots. Anywhere with 2-4-1 cocktails knocking about tonight?

Quirky - as novel setting, not your usual stella, carling, old man’s pub place.

I like Boheme (or sth like that) on old compton street but it’s pricey - IF I remember correctly it was £8 a cocktail…

The one on the corner has a nice brasserie but french/belgian style whereas the other one (still on Old Compton St a few doors down) is more trendy and loud music. That one reminds me of Greek bars and I have had the best Caipirinha there at 3am, though the last time I went it was dissapointing (the cocktail, not the place)

Other than that, you could try Intrepid Fox if you’re into the whole metal/ hard rock scene? But be prepared to see loads of eyeliner, and that’s just the guys!

Hahha, I used to go to the Intrepid Fox when I was younger. Might be worth a re-visit :smiley:

The intrepid fox is not there any more, its round the back of centre point. There is another rock bar near shaftesbury avenue but i cannot remember the name. The Lab does really really good cocktails.

Punk - W1D 3DN
Freedon (Gay Friendly) - W1F 0TA
Jewel Bar - W1B 5DQ
Luxx - W1S 2JF

They’re all nightclubs/bar/cocktail lounges. Been to all of them and liked them all. Jewel can get a bit busy and be a little touristy but the others are lovely.