Gonna have to change my username

Not that anyone gives a f*ck obviously - but I thought i’d mention it regardless.

I’m getting rid of my zx7r because it doesn’t really cut it as a commuter and am changing it for a turn of the century cbr600.

Some people call cbrs from this era bland comapred to your gsxrs and r6’s - well I’m coming to like bland.

Bland means dependable, bland means fusss free, bland means discreet.

If bland was a colour it would be beige.

In fact - I am bland . . .

My mad youth is over and these days I ride like a total vicar anyway so my zx7r is feeling inappropriate.

just so you know, adding … to the end of the thread title causes an error when folks click on it :wink:

Indeed, it makes it impossible for people to read the thread or reply to it. Start a new thread with a different title.

Try a more generic name that’ll suit whatever bike you ride :cool:

smiled fixed it :wink:

Cheers everyone - and a big thanks to smiled for rescuing my thread :smiley:

Why don’t you go back to your old user name?

@ Dlchatel - The reason is, as I posted earlier on his last thread:

One a Ninja, always a Ninja :slight_smile: (Although you could lose the Junkie part - try rehab…)

You’ve finally outgrown the ninja? :hehe:

Put on a Jamaican accent and call yourself Ninjah

Rastafari :smiley:

Nah man - I weigh the same as I did when I was 25! i’m still in shape - it’s just tedious threading the zx7r through knightsbridge/piccadilly - need something narrower and lighter.

I dunno if my Jafaican is good enough . . . :wink: