Gonna buy a scooter 😱

No way I’m parking the 701 or 675 up in town so gonna buy a little twist and go. Had enough of trains and their unreliable services. Can’t believe I lasted this long.

Thinking of a Vespa 125 2008+ (ULEZ compliant). Anyone got any advice on which is the best to get? I know it’s a chicken chaser but will be perfect for commuting

I commuted for 3 years on an Xmax 300, did the job perfect, easy to service, cheap as chips on fuel and could fit loads in it and had enough poke to not be completely dull. Managed 90000 miles on it without any problems

Cheers dude. Not too worried about luggage space as it’s just me it needs to get to work. Think one of those might be too desirable for my needs and a Vespa should be cheaper?

WHAAAAT!!! 90,000 or did you type an extra ‘0’ by accident ???.

No 90,000, was doing 150 miles a day commuting plus other bits and bobs, was my only form of transport

Sweet! Two questions: Was it still running well on its original motor at 90k miles, and did you rigidly follow Yamaha’s intervals on checking/adjusting valve clearances? Just asking because I’m thinking about a scooter for commuting. Cheers.

I’d go japanese not italian if i was buying a scooter

+1 Japanese over Italian all day everyday

I hear what you’re saying but all the Japanese scooters I’ve seen look a bit sporty. Sporty = tracksuits. Tracksuits = well, you know the rest…

Surely Vespas are reliable? They’ve been making them a long time now, you’d think they’d have it nailed down. I’ve seen some with 26,000 miles on them so they can’t be that bad. They’re quite pricey though.

There’s always Chinese… :thinking:


italian = fancy = valuable = worth stealing

True, but touch wood, my partner’s Piaggio Liberty 125cc is ten years old now, parked on the street at her work every day, and so far has survived - apart from the mirrors being half-inched.

I know the aspiring footballers will steal anything but the Liberty is obviously less cool than a Vespa, that this has probably protected it.

I couldn’t fault it. I use it regularly and it does what you’d expect. I wouldn’t want to be doing big distances on A-roads with it but around town it’s perfect. Top box, under seat compartment and a small lockable cubby thing under the handlebars - it can carry a lot. It’s full on a fiver’s worth of petrol - and that seems to last forever.

It’s been so reliable, and at this stage of its life it is worth so little, I’ve thought of buying another one for my own use.

The 300cc scooters like Honda’s SH300 are actually really fast. They are also a riot around town. You’ll be surprised how much fun they are.

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After a fair bit of research I think my only option is to buy a tatty Vespa and then spend some cash getting the engine etc rebuilt. Anyone got experience buying cat C/D bikes? Is it a ball ache with insurance etc? Maybe I’ve been looking at too many YouTube vids but these little shits will nick almost anything!

I was riding the 125 again this morning. I don’t know if you have the same experience but I tend to ride it, how to say this, a bit more like a hoodie than I am when I ride the Ducati.

Re-inventing the wheel 748. Ride it like you stole it, it’s how I sometimes ride The 250.

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I would consider a Honda sh300. They look like a 125 in size and stature and so should be nimble through town and handy for parking. that 300 motor would probably pull off the line very well too

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“Thinking of a Vespa 125”

You disgust me :wink:

Scooters are ideal around town. I don’t know much about them but in Greece the SHs and xmaxs are everywhere, alongside Chinese ones that won’t rust in the more moderate climates.

But, as you correctly pointed out, scooters can also be very prone to theft, especially the high cc ones…


I personally would be wary of buying a tmax/xmax etc. purely based on the thieving gits who seem to love them. I’d be worried of being hijacked more than anything else.