right ive had enough of the immature and childish behavior on here so gonna walk away a proud man and hold my head up high its clearly too clicky on here and im never gonna be part of the LB group unless someone has a geared sports bike and i think borough market has made many of you snobs and far up your own arses.

good luck peace out bye

lol. take the banter Kish.

It is just banter and no-one means anything by it.

Other people are still interested in your posts, Kishan. But they might be lurkers rather than posters. Roll with the punches, mate. You are part of the LB group, even if you don’t think you are just now

Don’t recall you coming to Borough Market Kish… :ermm: Wish you the best and catch you at the Ace sometime.

just bite the bullet and get yourself a geared bike with some sexy fairings :smiley:

Me thinks there is a pram in Watford missing a teddy :smiley:

Kish - it’s only a bit of banter…same as everyone else gets once in a while. Don’t take it to heart.


Or this…

Could totally see you on this Kish.

Its just a bit of banter. :kiss:

is it that time of the month?

Can’t believe you call us clicky when you won’t let non [insert scooter brand] on your forum. Talk about pot kettle black going on.
If you made the effort to turn up at BM you might have a different view of everyone.

Anyhoo, good luck scooting around!

touche’ he could be in my clicky group if he bothered to turn up :smiley:

Members Of Jaime Clicky Group:



Kishan - Maybe


Never knew the fella but hats off to him for being a scootah-ist on an essentially motorcycle forum for so long.

However from the little I’ve read he didn’t make things easy for himself.

Think I’ll join a Man U forum now as a City fan…

Same here. Saw him post sometimes (mainly his crash thread) but didn’t know him. Don’t want to sound rude but if a man can’t bear some witty banter and takes it far too seriously then not a bit loss really.

Interwebz is a tough place, innit, Kish!

heard it all before Kish.

you got a thick skin lad, I’ll give you that.

but really, what reaction did you expect? you advertised your forum and proceeded to tell us all we weren’t welcome, and then chuck your dummy over a bit of leg pulling!

AND you have the bare faced temerity to suggest WE are up OUR arses?


thanks for the entertainment, its been emotional:D

Good old Kish.

Is he really gone ? I did not see any % figure indicating how much he intends to go .If it’s go like when he is going to meet at a pub in watford … well :rolleyes:

Lol Mian :laugh:

I’m 20% bothered about this thread.

I’m 80% happy I don’t own a piaggio, gilera or aprilia.


Mian :laugh: