Gone and done it!

Ordered one of these bad boys today. Gonna find out the delivery date on Monday…Can’t wait. Someone’s gonna have to give me some tips on getting those damn safety stickers off.

It’s a pre-reg 57 plate with the Arrow cans.

Nice choice.

Those stickers are everywhere, even with the help of a hair dryer they are right b@s’tards to get off, I ended up with something a bit different in the end as the blade and white spirit still couldn’t do a neat job of it.

Have fun and enjoy it :slight_smile:

Awesome :cool:

Nice. Does it come with translucent fairings as well?

A decent hair dryer and a bit of patients normally does the trick, don’t use a paint stripper the intense heat from the gum will deform the plastics.

Nice bikes, hope the dryer tip helps

Da Artist :slight_smile:

A bit of WD40 done the trick for me.

I just order one as well, should be getting delivered tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted. Hair dry always worked for me!

Cheers people. So, heat the area up gently with a hairdryer and remove a sticky bits with WD40 and a clean rag?

where did you get it from??? (just curious as to what other dealers are offering to our price’s)

Workshop use a heat gun to get the stickers off in one go - and then brake cleaner fluid/petrol on a rag to wipe off the sticky glue - then polish to get rid of the cleaner!!

Got it from yourselves as such…the main phone number on your website. I think that it will come from the main showroom in Swindon?

Can you get it delivered any quicker? :stuck_out_tongue: They are stating about the 18th or 19th. Thats AGES MAN.:Whistling:

Who is your salesman??

How soon can you pick it up from my shop in slough???

nice choice… good luck with it!:slight_smile:

didn’t you buy your last bike from a shop i worked for??? colin collins???

It was some chap called Stuart. I am off Thursday?! Should I pm you some of the other details?

Yer I did matey.

I’ll see if i can get you out on thursday from my store??? just PM me full name and contact number!

Cool. Cheers mate. PM on the way!

Cheers Sean. Delivery date is now Thursday. WOOT!

I recommend Zippo lighter fluid for getting the stickers off. Takes em off a treat and doesnt mark the paint… word of advice though, clean up afterwards with soapy water :cool: