goldwings going for it Part two,pissed tonight tell yer tommorow LOL

How to get to ride those twisties for very little on the bike of your choice all you need is a bike ,some luck and honesty( and faith,trust).It worked for me and two buddies I will post my story tommorow.It is so easy. had to much medicinal fluid tonight.I will post my Los Angeles to Vancouver BC and back to La trip ,it worked for me and it can easily work for you,tell yer tommorow

lol, you are having too much this fluid lately mate! Can’t wait for the story!

ok,here we go. How to get a bike and ride those types of roads.

In 2000 I put a request on the Honda Pan European forum asking did anyone know who would ship my bike from England to New York and back from Vancouver BC back to England. Anyway a guy from Los Angeles replied he gave me the phone number of a shipping agent in Hull. the cost of it killed it stone dead. Anyway I emailed the guy back in Los Angeles thanking him explaining the cost was to much and his reply back to me went like this.

Would I be interested in doing a bike swop he and his buddy wanted to come to europe for a month and have a bike each to go where they wanted and we could have two bikes to go anywhere we liked in America for a month.As it worked out they had four St1100’s between them and three of us flew out to Los Angeles they picked us up from the airport ( we had never met them before so this was fun) and took us to a hotel where they had prebooked us a room the hotel had a lovely pool and beside the pool were three shiny Honda St1100,s ready for our adventure.That was a long day so we just crashed out that first night and the next morning they turned up back at the hotel,they being Jack and Tim on yet another St1100 and a Goldwing.That first morning they took us up thru the Mojave Desert ,Death Valley and we ended up in Mammoth Lakes which is near Yosemete national Park.We ended up having a great evening meal and sleeping the jet lag off next morning they went back south to Los Angeles and we three Brits Headed for Vancouver Canada and we did 4300 miles in 9 days riding the most amazing roads on awesome bikes.

ok now the other side of the coin They flew to England and we had two bikes for them My St1100 and a Yamaha fj1200 and they went for a month 4700 miles and they went to France Germany Austria Belgium Switzerland and no doubt they enjoyed our bikes aswell.

it works well for us ,Elaine my wife has been back over there with me on another trip on there bike we went from L.A. to Palm Springs, to Sedona arizona the grand canyon hoover dam Las vegas death valley yosemete san fran and down the coast back to LA. I have my friend from Los Angeles as a named driver on my bike insurance all the time now it costs me £25 to have him on it,I am on his american insurance all the time $15. He knows he can pick up the phone anytime and I will have three bikes available for him anytime to go anywhere in europe and by the same token I can ring him up anytime and he will have 10 yes 10 bikes available for me go to anywhere I like in America or Canada.

So if you want to ride roads like those goldwings in that video get busy dont wait for the world to go by it takes a little bit of courage to swop yer bike but insurance pays for bent metal people thought I was mad swopping my bike with a total stranger but it is an amazing experience.There are countless bikers just like you in America who would love to ride over here.Just log on to a Suzuki Kawasaki Honda Bike forum in America and type in where you would like to go and see what replies you get,here’s one to start with based in San Fran,Calif

you may get someone to swop you on the Bmw adventure riders forum,there are some amazing pictures on this forum to wet your apetite.

here are a coupla pictures from that trip not digital but 35mm scanned

2nd Calif Trip.

ps the bikes we have available to swop now are St1100, Kawasaki ZZR1100 and Fazer 600,

If swopping your bike is a step to far then this guy

is the authority on California bike tours in fact all of the west coast this guy has it covered