Golding Barn Yamaha Off Road Day

Just giving this a wee bump as Elad (Ian) , my good self and a dodgy old mate of mine are GOING!!!

7th May it is!!!

There still might be the chance to play around on dirt bikes and do a jump on dead man’s hill if you hurry:D:D (although I can understand this kind of malarky is not everyone’s cup of tea)

Have fun guys. Def want to do this this year, but already planning trip for May… :frowning:


Charity AGM to attend that day. :frowning:

Well if you change your mind - you are welcome:) Last time I did this was on a high for days:D

I’m very tempted!

Mind if I invite a few more bikers too? :slight_smile:

Go ahead - the more the merrier! I think 7th May still has places available:D You can go on their website and give them a call - see the link earlier in the thread:)

Great stuff - thanks for the ticket Hels. After last year’s fun, I’m sure it will be a great day out! :smiley:

I would love to do this, but at Aragon that week. :frowning: and :smiley: at the same time!

Alas, I fly out on the 7th May for a week enduro riding in the Algarve…

How much is it? Can’t see on their site…

Well all’s sorted re your place now Zander - phoned up the Yamaha School and you’re in :smiley: Looking forward to it. Not been on one since 2008. Not sure about biking down though, as last time I was aching all over and extremely muddy and wet after falling off in the rain many times. Might get a pillion ride though if anyone’s going down or go in the car :smiley:

I was kind of on a high for days after last time - it was SUCH FUN:D:D

Hi Alex, not the most obvious website, but its £185 including bike and gear hire. A bit steep, but a good day.

Hope you can join!

Just bumping this - there are still places for the 7th May - so if you want to join us - welcome. It’s a really great day:D

I went last Sept with mates and was awesome…

We’ve booked up again for 24 June already… if anyone wants in more than welcome.

still places??? oh oh, credit card is feeling hot…

lol 2 late to call them, but once i check that 5’1 is not too vertically challenged then i’m in! will get bk 2 u guys :smiley:


C’mon Uy3n - do it, do it! Got a few others coming you know from MeetUp too :slight_smile:

I’m 5 foot 5, so I suppose that’s only a few inches taller :smiley: Plus 5 foot one is not too vertically challenged for moto riding. There was a girl called Mini Moto from the KTM forum who was under 5 foot, rode a KTM, went off roading and track daying etc - so you’ll be fine. They have lowered seat bikes for shorter folks also.

Quick question… what happens if you drop/ break the bike :Whistling:?

Do you have an excess to pay for any damage?

It’s all covered under the insurance (included in the price). As for dropping the bike, I binned mine at least four times - falling off is par for the course - but because it’s muddy and a dirt track it doesn’t hurt.

Hmmm I am tempted though don’t think I’ll find that money by then :frowning: