Golding Barn Yamaha Off Road Day

I went on a Yamaha Off Road Day in 2008 - had a brilliant time. The course was perfect for a newbie to off roading - with a ‘baby track’ for starters - and then the ‘big’ track with dead man’s hill - even got to do a jump!! It was raining and very muddy, but had such a laugh that I was thinking of doing another day this year.

Have looked up the dates for Golding Barn and there’s lots of availability, so if anyone else fancies this, let us know and we can have a few of us go.

It’s not suitable, I don’t think, for really experienced off roaders who are used to spending weekends rampaging down mountains and across the moors, but it is good for people who want to learn off road techniques and how to control the bike in all kinds of conditions (and how to fall off and not get hurt).

So if anyone else wants to have a go at this, let us know and will look at the best dates.


I went last year, and had a great time too - thoroughly recommend! Just watch out for Sussex speed camera vans on the way down towards Brighton … grrr.

Let me know when you’re planning and I may come join - especially if weekend. I might be able to bring a few others along too.



Nice one Zander - looks like you ahd good weather for it too and great pic. Started off okay in the morning for us and then started to **** it down later!! But the mud was good for falling off in;) Great course too - as you can see.

If you are interested in another day, I definitely am up for going on this again:D

I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years, so I would be up for it.

Although, now that I’m completely been brainwashed by the Orange Brigade, I was wondering about doing Addy Smith’s school instead:

Cheers Hels…

I’d be interested…:smiley:


I’d be interested in both the Yammy and Addy Smiths. Addy has a few weekend days in Feb too.

I’m interested in this as well :slight_smile:

Alright folks - seems like there is a bit of interest!! I reckon the Ady Smith school is probably more advanced - although when I was booking my day in 2008 I called Ady and asked him about his training. We discussed height and he is 5 foot 6, which is one inch taller than me at 5 foot 5 and he explained it was all about technique with the off road KTMs, rather then being tall. However, the Yamaha school seemed more suited to beginners at Off Roading. I loved it, but it might not suit those who are advanced. It’s a training day - you go from no off road experience to hooning down dead man’s hill and doing a jump:D

I went in April, which was wet, cool and the track ended up as a mudbath. But I am thinking of May, June or July this year - at least with some chance of decent weather.

So if we take a look at some dates and then we can make an LB day of it for those who are interested!!

Good stuff Hels, think we spoke about this in the Ace last sun morning before heading off on the rideouts. I’d be up for it, I’d be a beginner when it comes to off roading, although I did ride an XR250 around the outback in Oz for 3 mths on a cattle station :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing how this pans out, weekend dates would suit better if possible :wink:

Cheers folks - yes indeed it is a good day - a lot of fun. I would caution against biking down there though - by the time I had done my day that April - got soaked, stood up in the pegs most of the day, fallen off in the mud and used muscles I did not know existed - there was no way I could have biked anywhere afterwards :smiley:

I am thinking either Sat 7th May or Sat 11th June. However, am thinking of 11th June as am taking my mum on holiday in May and don’t want to be injured before then:D

So if anyone is up for this we can book in as a group. Places get booked up pretty fast. I’ll be booking after I get paid at the end of this month.

Yes remember our chat at the Ace - sure you’ll enjoy it:)

I could do 7th May, but not June 11th, that’s download festival!

Hi Ian / Elad,

Nice to bump into you and your other half when I was buying chain lube in Infinity! I can do 7th May as long as I don’t get injured, or any weekend in June - there are quite a few.

So folks - will be booking early Feb when I get paid - any dates that suit bung em on here and we’ll sort it:D


yeah good to see you too…

So who else is going to join us>?

I can’t do the May date, I’m afraid. It’s too close to my trip to Cadwell.

can’t do May either I’m afraid. Doing Aragon that week and looking into my crystal ball, MrsJerry will be wanting me to be around that weekend.

I just booked/enquired about the 23rd April with my boss. Then the next weekend I’m off to the Lake District to go cause trouble for the weekend :D:D

Right, have just got paid, so:

7th May - Hels and Elad (Ian) can do

April - Jamie ( no way am doing April after the last one:))

June - any weekend in June can do.

My mate Jacob will come too.

Will book this week:)

Hel’s uv gone soft luf.

u cant go off roadin without a bit of rain!:w00t:

I remember the April day… it was fantastic!!! However, it rained, I fell off on more than several occasions ‘storming’ lol through the mud bath that the track turned into as the rain kicked in after lunch … and much as I loved it…I fancy a nice dry and sunny day, where I can hang out and get a suntan in between off roading:DMay or June is the ticket :smiley:


I have reserved three places for Saturday 7th May for me, my old mate Jacob and Ian - if you are def coming!!

Anyone else wants to come on that day will add them into the booking:D