Golding Barn Off Road Day

Right well I thought I’d start this thread finally after a few of us chatted last night at BMM about doing an offroad day at Golding barn having seen the photos of Hels, Zander and Elad and got really jealous

I just phoned Yamaha and they said that for a groiup of 10+ they would give us a discount and the day would cost £175 per person rather than the £185… not a great discount tbh but every little helps :smiley: This includes everything you need for the day and there is no excess - i.e. you do not pay for anything should you fall/ drop the bike. The only situation where something like that will happen is if you continue to do stupid things that the instructor told you not to do!

The earliest they can fit us in is Fri 24th of June or Sund 26th of June (if we’re 10 or more)

So it works something like this:

Max 15 riders on the day, get split into groups of 5 and only 1 group allowed on the track at a time. But the lady did mention that as the day goes on people WILL get tired and will drop out of sessions to catch their breaths and then others can fill those spots. So if you’re hardcore you will probably ending up taking the places of unfit, fatties like myself.

They will try to get people on the motocross bikes but they have to judge that on people’s abilities. ALL are welcome, including people with just CBTs/ no licences so there is no limit here as to who can come.

At the moment the people who have expressed an interest are

Obviously he dates are likely to change to July if places become full or people say they don’t can’t make a date… At the moment as Claire and Gavin have been the first to join me in this madness, I’ll give them a strong say as to the dates! :slight_smile:

Would be good to get a few more of you :smiley:

**UPDATE: Phone Number to call and pay/book is 01543 271675 BUT make sure you say it’s for the London Bikers group so that we can qualify for the group discount if we get 10 people! :smiley:
Serrisan (paid)
Bikergirl_400 (paid)
Nivag (paid)
Hanna (paid)
Shiver (paid)
oldman (paid)
MetalRedCarrie (paid)
StuntMartin (paid)
GP (paid)
ASBO (paid)

Woooo we now have ten so price is £175 per person! :smiley:

Sir Yamalot removed from list as never paid deposit :slight_smile:

either date is good for me at the moment.

Should have also said… the URL with useful info is:

I’ve been looking at doing this so would definitely be up for joining the group. :smiley:

Oh, darn - I’d probably join you, but that’s the weekend of the Horizon’s Unlimited gathering :frowning:

I’m sure you’ll have a great time though! And yes, by the end almost everyone is knackered … especially if a bit of a hot day. Its a lot more exersion than riding a road bike, but all very much part of the fun :smiley:

What’s the minimum height requirement?

…and I guess I better ask for myself, the maximum weight? :smiley:

They have a variety of bikes, including one nice little 125 we couldn’t get Hels off, even though we were all sure she could do a bigger bike. Hels was having too much fun though :slight_smile:

I can only do the 26th June??

Hope that works for everyone! :slight_smile:

So we have - for the 26th!!! :smiley:

Alex Gold

EDIT 1: As places fill up fast I’d like to be able to book it by say Thursday so hear back from everyone by Wednesday… Of course I can keep calling them to get updates on the number of spaces left… Sound good?

I’ll check heights/weight with them but I can’t see it being a problem… If your weight is a problem the same will apply to me!! I think we might have difficulty though doing the jumps… I want to see if your sig is true Alex! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: Also added date to the thread - the word potentially is only there to cover my ass in case there are no places

Aherm… one h in Hanna please! :smiley:

When will we need to pay? I won’t have funds until after payday. :frowning:

I’ve rode that track a couple of times, im up for it :D;)

Does the £175 include MX bike hire, petrol, etc, etc

Alex Gold

List of interest updated (with the correct spelling for Hanna… :))… The £175 price is only if we get 10 people and therefore need another 3 to get that price. The lady on the phone said that to secure the places we’d need to put a deposit down (I think it was £85)… I’m guessing that until we pay at least that - no place is secure. Again if we are too late in doing that courses will fill up pretty quickly! I’d like to do that this week coming…

I will ring up and tell them that a group of us are coming and she should expect 10 (or however many of us there are) to call and pay - I’ll give her a reference for the group and the names of the people and then everyone calls up and pays their own.

Edit: Yes the £175 covers bike, equipment, petrol everything according to the lady on the phone… but will of course re-confirm all of these points when I phone to book - I am also a bit paranoid that they say things without checking sometimes…

Just let me know & I could pay whenever. :slight_smile:

Nice one Serrisan, just let me know when and where the deposit needs to go and no I’m not making the cheque out to Mr C. Ash

Thank you. :smiley:

Oh why not im in

ME AGAIN PLEASE!!! ADD ME !!! Can’t keep away from the place :D:DJay is allowing us to out up a gallery of our day - Ian and I have uploaded pics and now waiting for Alex to get off his backside and load his on LOL :D:D

Height and weight isn’t a problem - the minumum is 4 foot 10 and also there were a couple of right porkers on our day this time (not of course us - LOL) so big folks can do it also. The frist time I did it in 08 there were some real short folks as well.

Alex Gold
Sir Yamalot

Woooop we have nine… one more and we get £10 off each - that’ll pay for the water to keep us hydrated for the day! :smiley:

I just hope that they still have spaces… will ring again tomorrow to check the status and report back - if they have say only 12 left we may have to start laying deposits down :smiley:

Nice pic Duchess! :slight_smile: