Golding Barn - MX off-road day 8th July 2023

Not having ridden in nearly five years, decided to take the plunge and booked to visit my local site down at Golding Barn on the 8th July.

It’s now run with KTM machines so already a bonus on previous very good Yamaha days.

Will post more and possibly a review of the day. Last one I did was with lots of LBersback in the day and it was a hoot.


I did it there when it was the Yamaha Experience (I think). It was really good. I enjoyed it more than the Honda Enduro in Wales because there was more progression and people didn’t fall off as much.

Did a few clutch less downshifts on my road bike afterwards by accident.

You did and it was :slight_smile:

Oh boy. This looks awesome! I missed the last one.


  • £199 for day (10 until 15.30 / 16.00), bike and kit included. Bring packed lunch and drinks.
  • From memory you go in sessions, ride for 20mins or so, take a break for a bit.
  • Don’t remember how many breaks but I do remember feeling like I needed them and didn’t feel shortchanged.
  • Probably 1in2 or 1in3 sessions you are doing at the start. Towards end of the day some folks skip sessions to recover so there might be opportunity for more
  • Down in Golding Barn (think a bit north of Shoreham in Sussex)
  • From memory (it’s been 12 years and might have changed), start off in small track to learn bike. Progress to bigger track with jumps then to bigger track with bigger jump / steep downhill.
  • Ride mainly 250SXF, but if you’re good and want to and they have it there, you can ride a 450.

I’d advise booking Saturday to recover on Sunday as I remember being a bit sore and tired next day…

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OMG, I want to go.
What about you @pricetta ? :crazy_face:


I was trying to find the pricing £199! that is cheap! I was looking at the Wales one and it is like £330 (or that region) so under £200 is a bargain.

Seriously contemplating this myself now as always wanted to have a go at this but on someone else’s bike :joy:

It was great fun last time :metal:t2:

If I was healthy I’d be well up for this, bargain at that price

Yup, agreed. And to put it into context, it cost £185 in 2011 when they had Yamaha machines.

I wonder if they know that’s a bit of a mental ceiling for people to pay but that’s a miniscule inflation.

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Of all the experiences I’ve done it was definitely the best value. Plus if it rains it’s not a disaster. Ron Haslam in the rain was pants. Like you could still learn but the experience was completely different in the dry.

Seems there’s a few of us interested. We should organise something together :slight_smile:
Waiting to have a chat with Mrs LB about this.

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If you do decide to do it, let me know and if you choose another day, I can always phone up and see if I can move it.

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Might be tempted for the 8th, or the 29th need to check back at base.

One point on the experience from me so far. The system is a bit ‘old school’. You have to phone to secure a slot and they take your card details, but the lady on the phone said it would take 10 days or so to produce the letters as she was the “only one in the office”. Credit card still hasn’t been charged a few days later.

Maybe they have to actually write the letter and get all the info together before they charge you

I remember last time it took a bit of time but these days we are programmed for everything to happen instantly.

On the plus side when I phoned someone picked up within three rings - no long waits or thousand options to select

Confidence inspiring, heh.

Yeah I’m sure it’s fine… I found that generally a lot of things to do with biking / automotive days etc, the systems are still pretty archaic.

I’d defo be up for an LB day out to this one. I’d do the 8th but we’re away on hols from the 14th and cannot risk some stupid injury…

Looks like I’ve persuaded a few folks from work to come along on the 8th, so will be booking this. :grin::grin:. See you there @Serrisan

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