Going to pick up my new bike next Saturday 17/01/2015 - Anyone around?


I’m finally off to pick up my SV in Chesham Saturday 17/01. :w00t:

I’ll go get it regardless but if anyone is around and fancies meeting me in Chesham and riding back into London with me I’d love the company, excited but also a little nervous about my first big bike! :laugh:

I will come back into London via Amersham and down the A40.

If you’re out and about and up for it let me know, I’ve got to catch the tube up there so I think I’ll be looking at getting to Chesham by midday.

I might be around, need to check i’m not meant to be working but won’t know till Thursday.

Ok cool no worries!

Just remember, being a twin it pulls like a f’n train.

Just take it easy to start with, you’ll get used to it in no time :slight_smile:

i would like to put myself down as a maybe for this also. will know friday morning for sure.

where are you based?

Erm… Next Saturday is the 10th :wink:

Which Saturday do you mean? Not that it makes much difference to me - if it’s dry and sunny I’m up for a bimble on either of them.

I might be around and need to get the HP4 out for a slow boring bimble to charge the battery so might be up for riding in and out on the A40.

Awesome! I’m based in Streatham

Yes will be taking it very easy :laugh:

Oh I mean not this Saturday, the one after, so yeah the 17th :slight_smile:

Just a quick bump to check if anyone is coming on Sat…

It’s looking dry this Saturday and I haven’t been out on the bike for a while so I might join you.
Unless I wake up at midday again.

as long as the weather holds up ill be there :slight_smile: are you excited?

I am really excited! And a bit nervous naturally, but I’ll get over that quick enough. I feel like I’ve been waiting an eternity since I passed my test in December to get off the 125! Well on Friday I’ll check again just to see who’s coming, I’ll be aiming to get to the shop by 12 Midday coming by tube.

whats the address of the shop? just so i can get a route together

you did the test ride good enough lozza so you have nothing to worry about.

Ford Ellis Motorcycles

132-152 Broad Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire County HP5 3ED

Shaun can you text me about route/arrangements/timing as I’d like to join this and can meet you at ace or a40, I haven’t used the bike for so long I don’t know if I’ll remember how to ride!

If weather is good I’ll come Lauren.

Awesome, would be nice to see you!

Awesome, would be nice to see you!