Going to have to be an honourary LBer

So, I’m moving back to Dorset in 3 weeks. Shame :frowning: Gonna miss you guys…not that I came out as much as I wanted to, but I just can’t stay up here in my situation while my injuries are stopping me from doing absolutely anything and I’m being treated, so back to my homeland I go with my tail tucked between my legs!!! Sad times…but I didn’t know my health would go pete tong and I need to go and recover physically and financially!

Can I still annoy you guys online?:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you’ll be back again sometime in the near future! :wink:

Take care girly! :slight_smile:

Have a good rest Julia and let us know when you are visiting London.

Stay in (online) touch :slight_smile:

All the best and see you (hopefully) soon!


Dont worry about location, I’m still an LB’er and I live 000’s of miles away now!

Sorry to hear your health isn’t good but I hope you get it all fixed. Good luck :kiss:

Sorry to hear that you are having problems… I am sure you’ll be back :smiley: that means you can still come and stick yer pennies worth in… :wink:

I live over the waters these days but i still get my LB fix when ever i can on here.

Lives a big roller coaster full of ups and downs… ride it and keep smilling :wink:

Hope your health and wealth improve soon. Dorset ??? whoa … not exactly the big smoke hey. Keep safe and come back soon:)

Hope you heal soon. Take care and stay online. :smiley:

Get well and come back soon!

just think, if you start saving from now, you’ll be able to buy an awesome bike when you come back

good luck for the future hope you get well soon, just log in and annoy as much as you want :D:D

Take time and your be back stronger. :wink:

Good luck with the health and wealth, you’ll be back soon enough and enjoying trackdays again very soon.

Take care :wink:

Take it easy & come back soon!

Thank you people!!! You’re all lovely. And I will make my online presence felt don’t you worry. I hope that actually being further afield will make me more likely to make the effort to come to rideouts when I’m back on the bike. My new blade needs to be tested thoroughly :smiley:

It also means that you peeps should come down and experience the roads round there, the New Forest, come to Poole Bike Night etc and you have somewhere to stop for a cuppa :slight_smile: Even if I’m not fit to ride…but the best bit is I’m 5mins from Crescent Suzuki…my favourite place…so when I’m cleared to work again and am loaded then I will be making a bee line for the new 1000!!!