Going to check out a 99 R1

Hi all,

Going to check out a 99 R1 with the intention of buying, apart from the obvious can you think of anything else i should be looking out for?

During a test-ride for a plod and slippery manhole covers

Head bearings, fork seals, aged rear shock, not sure much else R1 specific, it’s not my turf. All those things are easily addressable. Have fun mate! What colour? I like red and white.

Cheers guys, old plod - not my bike so won’t be stopping…‘joke’

Yep Red and White with a dash of black - my favourite colour. – Insurance is a bit of a result as well.

Check under the end of the foot pegs, U’ll know if its been sent down the road!! Swining arm bushes and wheel bearings!!! Things like that…

Nice colours.

HPI (covered under “usual things”).

Scans of RIDE article from 2004 on it’s way via PM

Cheers Andrew.

I had a 98 R1 and she badly needed a steering damper. If the guy had one fitted and is not selling it with her try and haggle ----you will need it!

My mate has just part-ex’d a mint 99 blue R1 with about 12K and two keepers… sold it to Double R in Leytonstone High Road… not sure if you are looking at a dealer or buying private but that was one flippin lovely bike.

Have heard that pre 2000 models had a slightly iffy gearbox.

Damn, sold it last night. Bloody cop beat me to it… damn police - if they aren’t giving me tickets for a small plate they are buying the bike I want…

Found another one which I’m gonna look at as its local - mind you has a anodised frame??? - Why would you do that I ask myself???/:plain:

It’s not local, but a good friend of mine owns a bike shop in Market Harborough, he has a 2001 R1 for £4200. 7k, Yoshi Tri Oval Can.


It’s right near the train station, 1 hour from St Pancras, about £25ish return at the weekend.

Send me a PM and I’ll give you his details if you are interested.

My mate was selling his 99 R1.
Dont know if he is still selling it but will find out.
Not spoke to him since crimbo but its still sitting in his garage under wraps.
Not been used since last summer (fair weather rider)!.
Has ohlins damper as well(defo needs it or will slap you into a ditch).
Would buy it myself but lack of funds due to the inland revenue.
Will find out if 4 sale still.


I bought a new one in 1999 and loved it, but check if theres too much play in head bearings then the frame is knacked. As it becomes oval, also gearbox is prone for problems as my mate found out.

Jimbo, that’s a nice R1! I’m sure the flash from the camera makes it stand out more than it really does. Tidy bike for sure. I could see Stan on that one!

Jay,my s***e digital camera dont do the bike justice really.
Its so bright Stevie Wonder would see you.
Hoping to buy myself now although quite like the new 675 trumpet.(or a K6 750 or a…or a…)
Dam it dreaming again!

Sorted, got me self an 01 model now I looked at the 99 one as well, but opted for the 01 as it was almost the same price and seemed a better deal.

Bit of a bargain I think ‘hope’; mint condition, Ohlins Rear shock, Akro can, Red Black and white, 11k, FSH Alarm & datatag bla bla bla. Will post some pics up soon.

Mind you I’ve already started on the mods list… – got to get rid of the ugly plastic and supersize plate…

Quick as fook… big grin factor…

Gonna book me self some sunshine for tomorrow…

Nice one, sounds ‘da bomb’ as they say.

In fact, it sounds too damn nice. I’m jealous now… .

Catch ya at the Ace soon then

Jealous - lol.

It’s an 01 model m8, not a brand spanking new model that your getting m8…

Still - gonna give me many a smile… - When the Sun finally arrives…