Going out on a ride..Itching for ideas...

Hi fellow London bikers

I’ve booked two days off next week and I’m looking to ride somewhere interesting. Somewhere outside of London, i’m getting tired of Boris. The criteria is:

  • Somewhere around 5 hours ride away from London at most.
  • Looking to stay 1-2 nights.
  • Hoping to find somewhere relatively picturesque.
  • I’m riding with a Kwak Z750 so I’m not looking for roads that require a big BMW and huge sponsorship a la ‘Long Way Round’.

Any ideas? Can you recommend somewhere that you’ve been? Any hotels/hostels worth mentioning? Anyone doing something similar over this weekend? Let me know. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Have you considered South Wales?

There are some beautiful roads around The Gower Peninsula and also up into The Brecons

It’s gods own country;):smiley:

5 hours…thats scotland then :smiley:

or go n get the train to the continent :slight_smile:

or wales n the west country, loads really :slight_smile:

WOW 5 hours thats the lakes, great roads good B&B, or Normandy even better roads as they will be empty!!! Wales is stunning .

Too much to chose 5 hours you can get to most parts of England ,Wales,or across some water to Ireland , wow hard call.

Good luck and have fun


I’d go for South Wales as well,maybe with a little jaunt down to Devon as well

Isle of Wight is nice, we sometimes go there for the day. Might be a bit busy now with holidaymakers though

Thats intersting, how long do you need for a round trip to the IOW from London?

+1 that’s the one i’d do, excellent roads, the lovely beaches of the gower and a bit of brecon madness…perfect!

Devon has some good places. We recently went to Lynmouth in North Devon. The road in and the road out are both 25% gradients!

North Yorkshire Moors…just over 3 hours from London - loads of nice roads

One time we left Wembley 11.30 ish (!!!) on a Sunday, went there for lunch, rode all round the island & were back by about 9.00.

We have often gone to the IOW for the day - Portsmouth Ferry is only one hour down the A3 from SW London, so as said, it is easy to get to the island before lunch - find a niece pub, do some riding on the south side of the island, get a ferry back at 7 or so and be back in time for Spooks or whatever.

G… that’ll be porlock hill then, its a 1 in 4 hill with hairpins none of that foreign muck mate, 25% indeed :D:P

Minehead to Lynmouth nice :), well worth the trip and loads of B&B’s in ilfracombe and Croyde, but don’t forget its holiday season so be prepared to look around.

I would head across the channel and ride some beautiful “empty” roads in France and Belgium. Maybe head to ypes and take a wonder round the WW2 cemetary’s and see the menin gate. Tasty mussels and pancakes in the square … Actually sod it I’m going to go :smiley: