Going from 06 Cbr600rr to newish naked like CB600F


Just wanted to get people’s opinions on what it’s like going from a sports bike to a newish (around 2011) naked.

Is there much difference in terms of handling and turning? What about low down power?

I’ve only really ridden sports bikes over my 10+ years riding with a short stint on a older Monster S4. The S4 was too difficult to ride often with its dry clutch.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

windy, but you will get used to it.

What he says ^^

Can’t comment on the actual bike but I’ve got a Speed Triple and only really notice if I want to crunch motorway miles for any length of time. Though mines not bad at usual motorway speeds :wink:

Would be nice dive behind a fairing if the weather is bad.

Fairings are for pussies.

Sits back Let the discussion commence

Haha aside from the benefits/disadvantages you get with fairings, how about handling (how planted it feels) and turning (how quick are change of directions)? Eg. Is the steering geometry on a naked different enough to affect how quickly a bike turns in?

Most of my daily riding will be London commute with the occasional weekend blasts. I haven’t done a track day in ages hence why I’m wondering if a naked is more suited to my needs.

I commute and last week got back from a 2845 mile trip to Misano Moto GP on mine on a mixture of roads/mountain passes and had a absolute blast on it.
If you love the sports bike feel of speed and fast corners then you might not like it. Otherwise it’s great :slight_smile:

Wider bars rather than clip-ons coupled with a more upright riding position will have the largest changes, any differences in rake or wheelbase tend to be minimal hence the mechanical geometry between headset and bottom of the forks is very similar if not identical. turning circle wont change and may decrease as the bars wont be restricted by bodywork, if anything, given the extra leverage afforded by the longer bars you may find any changes of direction require less effort and the more upright position gives you a more stable base to work from. less pressure on the wrists too.

The above comparisons obviously apply to naked variants of sports bikes, eg Suzuki GSXR750 and the GSR750…
Engine detune to provide a torque curve better suited to “city” riding seems typical too, normally evidenced by higher levels of torque lower in the range and less later on.

go on a test ride and see for yourself.

No need to go from/to. Alternate between both. Just make sure there’s enough space in your garage.

My garage is a piece of concrete out front. :slight_smile:

I love my CBR600F (fairing version). It’s the 2011 model. Really smooth to ride. A comment Jay makes when he has ridden it too. It won’t draw at the heart strings, or be the most thrilling thing you’ve ever ridden, but I commute every day and it’s a dream to ride.

Recently (2 Saturday’s ago) smashed into a driver who decided to pull out onto a main road in front of me without looking. My '06 ER-6F is completely wrecked but luckily I escaped with no breaks, just soft tissue damage and a scrotal haematoma that left a huge dent in the tank :P.
Anyway, looking to move to a hornet now for my next bike and found this post useful. I love naked bikes and am only slightly put of by the wind factor. I do wonder how bad wind fatigue is on long trips.
I just done a round trip our from London to Denmark going through France, Belgium and Germany and wind was cool on the ER-6F. But I wonder how bad that would have been on a naked. @nivag you said you done a similar trip in terms of miles, what was the wind like and how tired were you after say 100 miles of riding?

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you get better soon. I didn’t find wind that much of an issue when I was on the S4. It’s not like I tuck under the fairings of my CBR constantly. But the S4 did have a tiny shield above the lights :slight_smile: not a helpful post but just wanted to wish you well!

LADLX, I find the wind blast on a naked fatigues me after 2 hours or so. Partly depends what speeds you ride at of course. At cough 80, it can get uncomfortable with any sort of head/side wind, so I tend to go for 75ish. I ride a bandit (so not even a headlight fairing). There are a variety of touring windshields you can get, designed to fit around the headlight. I use one for any distance riding.