Going abroad - documents and paperwork

The countries I’ll visit are: Spain, Italy, France (and maybe Austria, Germany and Belgium)
This is a list of things that, after browsing around, I believe I must/might need:

1) ID / passport

  1. driving licence with counterpart

  2. V5

  3. printed vehicle insurance

  4. MOT
    not required for vehicles < 3 years (I hope they know this abroad :Whistling:)

6) european breakdown cover

5) GB sticker
if no EU markings on the number plate

6) hi-viz jacket

7) spare bulbs ???
I’ve got all LED except for the high beam. What do they expect me to spare? High beam bulb only? The full LED kit? :crazy:

8) reflective stickers on helmet ???
Many people told me they don’t give a toss about them, can I forget about it? :cool:

  1. travel insurance ???
    Is it good to have one, really? :ermm:
    I’ve got european breakdown cover with Ducati and 180 days european insurance with MCE (that should cover personal injury and legal stuff for me and my pillion)

10) european health insurance card
I’m not 100% sure but I think I’ve got it from when I was still in Italy (it’s issued for every citizen).

11) green card
I just need to phone my insurer, right?

…am I forgetting anything?

Eventually, which countries in particular are famous to trouble motorcyclists for loud exhausts? And what about dark visors?

Check the details of 9; you won’t need 11, but call them to notify them of your plans. You’ll need a vignette for certain parts of Austria. Keep your headlight dipped during the day wherever you go.

If you’re not going to Switzerland (where there is a border to stop at, be inspected, and cross) you shouldn’t get any bother re exhausts and visors unless you go looking for it.

BTW you buy the vignette near the Austrian border, not days beforehand, and it’s only a few euros for around a week. I forget if it needs to be stuck on a specific side of the bike, but they can be a bastard to remove, so consider some transparent laminate to go underneath it that peels off easily.

Thanks a million Martin :smiley:

You can also pre-order your vignettes here https://www.tolltickets.com/country/austria/vignette.aspx?lang=de-DE&mnu=c

As for noise levels, I’ve read on another forum the Germans have started to fine loud pipes too.

…you might want to let your bank know you’re planning a european trip and to accept foreign payments on your cards without calling you first.

just a thought…