God Rest Her poor little sole

Just saw on the news that poor little Toddler from China has died.

I’m sitting here at work trying my hardest not to cry…

GOD REST YOU’RE SOLE, you will now be in a better place.

and I hope with all my heart they find the culprits and he is tortured to death he deserves nothing less!!

relation to this post http://londonbikers.com/forums/879689//this-is-beyond-belief

this is so sad, i struggled the other day not to cry when viewing the other post!

god rest her soul…

both van drivers have already been arrested.

Truely sad.


Can’t bring myself to watch it my little one is two so reading it hit me real hard.

That country makes me sick

There are some eveil murderers in this world


I was thinking this but did not post it

i have just watched the video, are you f*cking kidding me! that is unbelievable.

Poor kid, i hope all them people are hunted and gutted and left to f*cking hang.