God, I miss smoking.

I haven’t smoked since may but I don’t think I’m gonna last to be honest, I had a few cigars on the weekend and now everytime I smell smoke or see someone smoking it takes me ages to shake it from my head.

I feel like I’m gonna relapse, I’ve been pissed off with feeling hugry all the time + actually gaining a few pounds. Been thinking about maybe getting an electric cigarette, I take it that those eventually will just be as bad on the lungs and such? I know nicotine is bad drug full stop in general but does smoking vapours really reduce the damage? I’ve seen mixed opinions on this and not really studied the evidence on this.

Anyone got any opinions on this matter?

Well done, don’t give up. My Nan died from lung cancer and it wasn’t pretty. There are so many things available to help you, my Mum gave up using patches and that inhaler thingy. Go see your Doctor, they’ll be able to help.

And think about how much nicer you and your home smell, and how much better food tastes! A few extra pounds can easily be lost again, not like a pair of black lungs and a dirty smokers cough.

Yeah, v_b, don’t give up! You’ve done so well so far! It’s been MONTHS. Keep going. Do think about the inhaler or a electric one or some kind of nicotine fix, but at a low dose because you haven’t really had it for ages and you won’t need as much. You really wanted to quit a few months ago, and you have done - so just stay at it.

Suck bon bons) It helps.

And try to find video on english - Allen Carr’s - Easyway To Stop Smoking. Or read his book)

And remember, that you are fighting. It’s not easy.

i know someone who has been smoking those e-cigarettes and swears by them- doubt its harmless and too new for longterm effects to be evident - but got to be better than the normal ones

i was 6 months up till august when i started again - totally regret it. I find the physychological dependence much harder to beat than the physical

Whenever you feel the need to have a cigarette, wait until it starts raining. Then, when it’s good and pouring it down, step outside. Tell yourself that, if you still smoked, you’d have no option to be outside in this. Let yourself get truly soaked. Hope and pray that it will wash away the craving.

Of course, none of the above works if you have a gazebo.


You need to want to stop …

If you don’t want to stop it will never happen. I smoked for 40 years, spent 30 of those years on various half attempts to quit. Then when I was on 40 a day and taking my first drag to ease away the chest pains, and that was even before my feet hit the floor in the morning, I realised I had to quit. My health was my motivation to want to stop.

My quit method was a combination of cold turkey and a drug called Zyban.

After 3 weeks on a GP prescribed course of Zyban I suffered a stroke. I believe this was a direct side effect of the bupropion in the Zyban playing around with my noradrenaline and dopamine neurotransmitters (places medical dictionary back on shelf). I’ve be nicotine free now for almost 5 years. Not wanting to put you off I still have a regular fancy for a cigarette, I’m not sure what it is , it’s not a craving and it’s nothing to do with habit but there it is. It probably doesn’t help with her indoors still smoking, the positive side for me is I find passive smoking unpleasant.

Take it one day at a time and keep a tally of the NICOTINE FREE days, note those odd cigars reset the nicotine free days counter to zero. You need to break the cravings as well as the habit. The cravings peek between the 3rd and 7th day and become significantly less after 3 weeks. Between 7 and 14 weeks the cravings should more or less stop, you then need to deal with the habit.

Good luck

I gave up in 1997 and i sometimes still miss it but never have one. It is hard but worth keeping up in the end. I went from 40 a day to nothing, so if i can do it so can anyone else.

I’d just sparked up a Senior Service and clicked on the forum. My sympathies, I’d miss it too if I gave it up.

its all to do with willpower, as your see if you click the bottom link, both me and wasp went down the electronic path, yes they are 100% better than a normal roll up, and do replace ciggies totally, your still taking the ADDICTIVE nicotine, but without all the other harmful stuff, BUT AGAIN, you need to want to stop

I was having trouble breathing, so quit, went to doc’s for full check up, x rays etc, only trouble was, doc told me my lungs were perfect, giving me the excuse to have a proper ciggy, :blush: and YES I ADMIT IT, I AM WEAK:D but to be honest, I enjoy smoking, everyones gotta die sometime

Do what i did. I gave up smoking cigarettes and joints. Went cold turkey after nearly 20 years (Admittedly i have had the odd cigar at a wedding reception, less than a handful in total) but took the temptation away.

Instead of having the money to buy 30-40 fags a day, and smoke them, i used it to do something else.
I went out, did my CBT, then bought myself a 125.

The challenge now is to keep off the fags, and get enough cash put aside to do big bike test DAS and get another bike.


it feels so much nicer getting up in the morning and not coughing my lungs up all over the house. :smiley:

I smoked from the age of 13 until I was 22 then got married.

Separated 10 years later and started again then met the now Mrs Sparky and have been stopped now for 10 years.

Both times it was total cold turkey, nothing else, and I kept telling myself that I wanted to see my daughter grow up.

I’ll never, ever smoke again, not even a cigar on special occasions or some such thing because I’m an “all or nothing” kind of person.

Hang in there - it’s tough but well worth it.

the only reason so far why I would stop is to instead throw the saved money into me tank and blast off somewhere.

so still pondering if I should stop or not, I actually quite like it.

back in Germany I was on about 60-80 a day (yes, indeed), at some point I calculated how much I wasted per month on fags, stopped immediately then. 11 months later I moved to London, and the very first day here I had a fag again, 6.5 years later I’m still smoking, lighting up one right now actually ^^

Get a job first then you’ll be able to get it all done quicker ya lazy sod!:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL:D Yep!!! Going to look for some different agencies. One’s i’m with have let me down, big time. Promised work and not heard nothing from one. Other wants £140 off me to do a full medical

what job ye looking for?

7.5 tonne lorry driver. Night shift cause i usually end up in London.

But by trade i’m an industrial laser CAD/CAM programmer. Used to be able to cut many a custom part for bikers and drivers, from a vast choice of metals. Common and exotic…


k, that’s something I’m not familiar with and have no contacts whatsoever :frowning:

Can only wish you the best of luck, currently seems to be the time to find something, so get on it :slight_smile:

Get into some sort of exercise!

I gave up and got into running at the same time… Now whenever I fancy a cig, and that’s often, I just imagine how much I’d hate it next time I go for a run. If you give yourself a real reason to appreciate how much better you feel for giving up, it really helps. I’m still amazed every day at how good it feels to have working lungs.

It’s farkin hard though so don’t beat yourself up for having a wobble…

collect together all the money you would spend on smoking, and each week buy yourself something you want (not a useful thing), this way you can see how much stuff you now have as a result of quitting.