God i hate Maxi Scooters

I sincerely hope that this idiot is not a member on this site.

I was coming down Highgate road under suicide bridge and a myself and another big bike are being tailed very closely by a Tw$t on a scooter.

he undertakes a lorry and is ahead of us.

As soon as the it opens up to two lanes the other bike and myself open up and pass everyone. At the bottom of the road past the lights the traffic grinds to a halt. The scooter is inches away from me trying to push pass me. I stick my hand out (we are stationary) and try to indicate to him that he should not be so close and aggressive a rider. I get the bird and abuse.

So I return the favour and as we are not moving we start to exchange abuse.

I get told that I am jealous because I am on a piece of crap (2 month old FJR 1300) and he is on his super cool maxi 250.

I rode off at this point as I was about to lose it and he chase me and goes pass. I saw the other bike behind me and thought better of a race with a ****** on a maxi so left it there.

Really has wound me up and I rarely get aggressive but would love to have given his face a smack with my armoured gloved fist.

If you are a member (I know you are a certain type of member) then please post your version of events but be warned if you see me on the road again steer well clear as I won’t be as nice next time.

Sadly there are complete tw&ts on every sort of bike.

And some of us can be total Tw^ts without going anywhere near our bikes!

Damm, how did you know I was on this forum hornet…Utter Tw&t at your service.

Vent the scooter rage here but remember ALL coppers are racist, ALL black people are on crack and ALL scooter drivers are tw&ts…or have we not completely disproved some of those points already…

Hi Toby…we should start our own forum for the brotherhood of Tw^ts…

Tho that forum MAY exist…albeit a VERY different kind of forum!

I pinned a nob on a scoot against the side of a bus last year after he ran into my leg and almost into the back of the other person I was with…


tut tut Toby…

Yellow one? TMax on Waterloo Bridge Road was like a suicidal lemming this morning. Had a pillion and was riding like a complete utter twat. He very nearly took out another biker and myself, and also just about rammed into the side of a new van at the traffic lights in his eagerness to get ahead.

BTW I am on a FJ1200! :slight_smile:

Wasn’t me.

Whilst ranting and raving about other bikes though, what is it with the sudden crop out there. You get filtering just nice and them some fool won’t go through the traffic and insists on blocking the rest of the biking fraternity as if its their god given right to be in the way. 10 plus bikes behind them, all riders with steam coming out and the fools still don’t get the message. Must be these fair weather bikers that havn’t been out over the winter.

If you see a green ZX6 2 up heading in from East, or a dodgy old andit 600 sporting top box, thats me and I am coming through

The recent nice weather seems to have brought out a large crop of BMW and Harley (and Harley clone) riders who won’t go over 30, won’t do obs, won’t filter and won’t move over to let other’s pass.

Only the other day I was waiting at the barrier for the office car park when this 1150cc BMW Boxer I have never seen before pulls up alongside me and says “Do you ride that all year round?”

As there is a more than year long waiting list for bike places in the car park and I didn’t recognise bike or rider, and as a daily user, he should have recognised me and my bike, I suspect he doesn’t!

What really infuriates me are the twats on scooters who insist on “filtering” in heavy traffic but actually all they do is hold you up as they just won’t pull over to let you pass when they can clearly see a bigger bike waiting to get through…feckin idiots. They drive me nuts! And the ******s in those ugly BMW scooter abominations are the worst! I mean really people - why do scooters inisist on racing you when there ois no question you are simply going to burn them if you wish to!!!

Not all scooters are that slow



Get the feeling we’ve been round this loop a few times before…let em vent, then one day they’ll meet ya, and realise their gobs WEREN’T connected to rational brains when this lot started spewing.

As a self-confessed scooter hater once in my life, I have seen the error of my ways and although I see idiots riding scooters, I have learnt oh sensei that it isn’t the SCOOTER that’s the problem. Its the idiot riding it…and that differs from one scooter to the next.

And as you walk along the highway of life, sniff the 2-stroke, munch on the roses and collect all the nails and screws you see that might give a fellow biker an unwelcome puncture.

Peace AND love AND happiness AND friendly vibes AND joy less of the aggro man! Yeah Chilll

Riding in London everyday i see idiot scooter, geared bike and car/van drivers all the time. On the way home a Donimos pizza rider tried to undertake a bus turning left and a courior rider on a 125 cg always wanted to go past me when i was already filtering. Im not racisit to anyone but these to riders looked eastern european and havent got a clue about road ridding manners. I doubt they even have a cbt let alone a licence.

I ride a maxi scooter and never get bothered by geared bike riders, they see i`m on something a lot more powerfull than the usual scooters that commute.

By the way it wasn`t me either.

I agree, it’s the riders not the vehicles. Always, if I see another bike/scoot/ped/whatever coming up behind me when I’m filtering,then i pull in immediately and let them pass as I can’t see the point in holding up other riders. I’m not what you call mega slow, but since being knocked off, I’m like a jelly when filtering.

<looks in garage - sees Xmax 250 scooter>

<recalls route home from work which goes under Suicide Bridge>

ha!ha! It weren’t me guv’nor…even though I do ride a 250 scooter and do go home via suicide bridge… I ride with the utmost consideration for other two wheelers…except them chumps on scoo…ahem…

agree with you fully Justine…

after my off - also a bit wary when it comes to filtering and easy just to pull over…

must admit its a bit easier with J on the monster in front of me tho

to be fair - its not the type of vehicle/country/gender/etc, its the attitude!!!

your right mate but theres more [email protected] on scooters than any other bikes


its true though that scooters love to try and burn off big bikes in london.

I see um looking at you sideways at the lights, i see um taking stupid risks to try and get infront of you, i see it every day.

and a scooter is probably the fastest was across town…

there fun and cheap, they just have any “joy of ownership” … unless you a spotty 16 year old

I totally agree that most spotty Herberts on “peds” are a RRPITA - but a good proportion of them survive, and some go on to bigger and better two wheels.

There are older Herberts on big bikes too - had one tonight coming back from BMM. Just dressed in his suit and shiny black shoes on a Fazer. Couldn’t position or go round corners for toffee. If I filtered in front of him he rode right up my arse. When he was in front he wouldn’t filter. Arsehole.

As an ‘older gentleman’, I feel it behoves me to engage the spotty Herberts in conversation when I can, and reassure them that anyone who enjoys two wheels is appreciated much more than anyone who just wants to stay in their air-conditioned ‘safety cage’. The older Herberts remain onanistic…

Any 16-year old is going to be a prat at times, I certainly was. With the gathering clouds of more and more legislation against bikes on the horizon, we need all bikers, even the prats, to feel more of a community. So tick off the idiots, but don’t drive wedges if at all possible - red mist isn’t wise on two wheels at any time, anyway.