God I hate Chelsea Tractors

So, now that I’ve decompressed a bit a little anecdote…

Last time I’m coming back down the M1 heading towards the Big Smoke and this massive silver Range Rover must have been sent as my welcoming party, to give me a taste of what I have to contend with riding around London again.

OK, I’ll never understand why people have to get these 3 ton monstrosities just to propel themselves around, much less belt these things up the fast lane at 100mph (which I’m sure is great fuel economy), but fair enough. However being stuck behind them is like riding behind a giant barn door, seriously impaired visibility, so I overtake them generally and try to keep them behind me. Nothing personal, I do the same with high-top vans, lorries etc. because I like a clear view ahead.

Not content with a 90 mph cruising speed, he overtakes me again. There he is blocking up the view again…ok rinse, repeat. And not budging this time…

So what comes up the inside lane? Mr Range Rover UNDERTAKING me. Oh thats just great. Quick look to the left and he’s got the mobile phone slapped to his right ear as he does it, with a gaudy wannabe 2nd rate pimp gold watch on his wrist. This guy just ticks ALL the boxes. I’m laughing at this point… how could he possibly top this?

Well, he aims to please. He pulls in in front of me and moments later I’m hit by a burning fag butt straight in the visor at 90mph.

He was lucky I don’t have any missiles mounted on my bike. Hey, there’s a mod idea…

Dude thats why they have wing mirrors

I stopped snapping mirrors off - I just fold them in now - you get them though… i think half the problem is they’re thinking ‘my £45,000 car isn’t going to be overtaken by a scrapper bike’ (my bike looks like ****) and people hate being overtaken by me… even when they’re just cruising and I’m on a mission

While we’re on a rant… anyone else hate lerner drivers that aren’t fit to be on the road :S … i know people have to lear… but taking them out at rush hour, when they can’t operate the vehicle is jsut stupid… -1 wing mirror (unintentional) the stupid cow pulled out on me

Hambs mate chill!

At this rate having previously covered Horses (came over a blind crest really fast and was annoyed a horse rider was on the road - the cheek), Chelsea Tractors (see above) and now learers (although I think you menat LEARNERS - see above) your eventual goal appears to be a total domination of the road by just yourself…

As per the Horse thread you leave yourslef open to a verbal kicking along the lines of you were a learner once too and no doubt acted / drove in the way that todays learners hack you off.

Live and let live!

Life is to short

It’s a game of two halves

It’s grim t’up North




Back on topic. drivers of big cars are a law unto themselves however being on the AT helps as you tend to be at least at eye level and the hand guards / enginne bars. wide foot pegs and size 10 boots loom large in there large mirrors…

I know what you mean. why peeps have a huge 4x4 in the middle of a city I will never know, but each to their own i suppose.

well to be honest with ya the best thing to do in this situation is to remain calm then lob a brick at the car in question aaaaah wooooosaaa all better now !!